Be honest here. It’s very Important for your career


Be Honest here. Otherwise, You can’t build career here. So, Be a trustful man. Make your client happy by doing your best work.

Best of luck for your sell.


Best advice I saw today!


Great suggestion! In business your reputation is everything. It will make you or break you.

Be always truthful, always available to your buyers, always on time with your deliveries, and always letting them know the progress of their orders.

Only promise what you can do.


Honestly is the best policy… Keep it up.


Thank a lot I always Give my best work to my client’s


Yes Thanks for this connection


A bit strong - maybe choose a word which isn’t quite so derogatory? :wink:



I would lose all faith in humanity if I found out the beautiful, young, female Instagram model I’m working with didn’t actually move to Pakistan to sell $5 SEO gigs.


Taking Fiverr very seriously is the key to success!


Be a trustful woman is cool, too. :pineapple:


Do you really need to start a topic for this?
It’s so obvious. It’s the same like starting a topic advising people to breathe in and out.
I don’t want to hurt you, but if this is all you got, you will not have much of a career either.


@mariokluser Didn’t you know? People like :musical_note: singing the same tune. :smiley:


If they had your voice I would listen :wink:

All I hear in topics like this is ‘bla bla bla bla, can I get your attention for absolutely nothing? bla bla bla’ :slight_smile:


Thank you for saying what I thought about this thread, but I decided to try to work with it anyway. I took a college class in business ethics though so it’s really a serious subject if you delve into it.


It applies to everything in life, what makes it so useless. “Being honest here”, what does it mean? Telling lies everywhere else?
Being honest is what gets me flagged all of the time, lol.


I know the feeling - I’d like to be extremely raw & blunt sometimes. But, yanno the extra sensitive types and the sticky finger syndrome. :smile:


Because this tune is very popular possibly for singing only! :slight_smile:


You are right. thanks


I do not believe honesty is as prevalent as you seem to. Life has shown me that most people either like to lie or do it for no apparent reason. I thought this was pretty much planet-wide.


That’s a remarkably dim view of the world around you. :slightly_frowning_face: