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Be online like 15 hours per day and you'll get more orders

Well, that is what some people are recommending to new sellers.

It’s possible that some buyers may filter to only see buyers who are online. But I think, it is more important to have a good gig title, description, gallery, tags first. If your copy does not convert it does not matter how long you are online.

I have been a buyer since 2012 and I’ve never filtered my search to only show online sellers. It’s not like I expect the seller to deliver the order in a couple of minutes. I just sent a few messages and waited a few hours and see how they are responding. That is more important to me than their being online.

As a new seller myself, all of my orders were made while I was asleep, mostly probably because of the timezone.

That’s my experience anyway. How about you?


I agree with you to a great extent.

However, being online can influence buyer behavior at times.

But I also do not agree with 15 hours part.

For me, it’s more of

  1. knowing which time zone majority of your potential buyers fall into
  2. being on time at that time

Then there is also the aspect of buyer request which every new seller should use

Besides, with your Fiverr app, you can literally be online 24/7 to enable you reply to any message fast.

I have an article on this. It’s HERE

Another thing is, you can always get a copywriter to help you set up your gigs in a perfect way. Again I have also written on that…see it HERE

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Fiverr no longer shows Buyer Requests to new sellers. If they do may be just very few in a week.

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That’s rather unfortunate…

I must then agree that having nicely set up gigs is very important

Quote of the day.

You can be online for 24 hours.
You can try sending 500 buyer’s requests everyday.
You can tweet about your gigs to thousands of people.
You can spam the heck out of the forum to get attention.

You still won’t get orders if your gigs are not good though.

BTW just like you, most of my orders are sent while I’m snoring in bed too. :smiley: