Be Patient,I waited 7 months


Fellow sellers!

Everyday I see new sellers complaining of not being able to get any orders despite sending buyer requests,promoting on social media,etc.


I’m a Level 2 Seller, I joined back in August, 2016 but guess when I got my first order?

In March 2017.Yes, you read that right.After 7 months,I got my first order and that too of $5.

So don’t be sad or give up, complete your profile and maybe one day you’ll get something and kick off,after all it;s a competitive marketplace and it shall take time. It’ll be difficult like it is for everyone but just don’t quit.

Best Regards,
Sudais Asif

1 month running of joining fiverr NO Response from buyers
Know about Fiverr

Really appreciated your effort on fiverr… Keep it up bro,


Thank you so much! :blush:


Same here. I registered February 2017 and got my first order in May 2017. $70. Now, I am just like 3 orders to Level 2.

So New Sellers should be patient. Always visit buyers request and stay online always.


Exactly,I remember once I entirely was about to miss out on a message by one of my clients who in fact became a repeated customer so remaining online and a fast response time is vital.


thanks for such a motivating post :slight_smile:


My pleasure! :blush:


i joined 3 days ago and i got my 1st order today:innocent:


Well, Lucky you! :smile:


Yep! It happens, I joined in February didn’t get my first official order until June but now at the end of September I just hit Level 2.
Patience is important!



You’ve hit the nail on the head with this post. :+1:t4:

This shows that you are a patient person, and not a whiner like most.

Good for you! :pineapple:


Inspiring to see you get running so fast! :sunglasses:


Thank you,I appreciate it! :blush:


this uplifts me :slight_smile: wow!


Good Job bro, I got my order after like 3 months and two 20 + 20 dollar work from same buyer with 5 star rating. i almost gave up on fiverr but now i see hope :smiley:


My goodness 7 months too much, realy patient


You are lucky good for you


Thanks so much for posting this! What a cool encouraging message. As I find myself waiting long periods in between gigs I find it essential to look for encouraging posts. Thanks for keeping me going!


Thanks for sharing your experience brother @sudais299


@chrispoirier Their is essentially a long period at times for everyone, don’t get discouraged!
@ahmmed22 My pleasure. :slight_smile:
@madbeanshooper More is coming,you’ll get the flow soon!
@theluxurylife Glad to. :blush: