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Be Patient,I waited 7 months


Advertising in the right place is going to get you more leads (means more orders.)


Did you try paid advertising yet?


That’s a good idea.learning new skills helps reduce frustration.i try to do that in my free time.whenever i don’t do that i get frustrated:persevere::persevere:


Really encouraging write up. I joined Fiverr this month and I have gotten 5 orders so far, although one of them was canceled. I am really positive that with time, my sales will come up and this post has just made me more confident that it will.


Congratulations !!! Best Wishes for future.


Best of luck,it’ll be slow at first,don’t worry.In the meantime read articles on work management,new skills,improving your bids,etc.These soft skills are much needed and undervalued.


Such a motivational post. Loved it


I am level 1 seller,but I donot know why I did not get any order from a long time.


I know why. You haven’t been reaching out to your target audience. I would guess that you’ve just been sitting back and expecting people to find you. Business doesn’t work that way. If you want to increase your sales potential, you need to go where your customers are located.

Are you willing to work hard for your success? Or are you expecting it to be given to you for free?


No.I regularly marketing my gig in several social media and stay in online to response instantly.but dont understand what should I do?


My first order was 1 hour after my gig publish.
first 5 order after 1 days.


and it’s keep coming without using buyer request…
and fiverr market my gig.
and i got 30k impression.
and secret secret secret method


7 months? That means you didn’t take any action during those 7 months or your efforts weren’t effective.


That’s not marketing, though – at least not as I’m sure you were doing it. Posting your gig links on your social media accounts is not marketing. Those gig links are only being seen by your friends, and, I’m fairly certain those friends are not your target customers. Marketing means targeting the people who need your services, and who are actually looking for what you have to offer. Your friends on your personal social media accounts aren’t any of those things.

And staying online “to response instantly” is not a productive action. Just because you make yourself available, does not mean the right people see you as available. You NEED to be proactively reaching out to the people who need your services. Anything less than that is NOT marketing.


Be Patient and keep doing:


Thanks for your nice Tips.
Can I Know what is the processing ?or how will I do ?- targeting the
people who need your services.Pls need a Tip.


You’re going to need to figure this out on your own. Your target customers are not the same as someone else’s target customers. You need to figure out who you want to sell your services to; you need to figure out who needs those services the most; and you’re going to have to do some research to figure out where those people are located. Then, go to those places, and tell those people about your unique services.

It’s as simple – and as hard – as that. But that’s what you need to do.


Thanks for your nice Tips.


Same thing here. I’d say this has something to do with their promotion algorithm. YouTube has a similar algorithm and it can recommend your videos after 5 months or after 3 years.


Thank you :slight_smile: I won’t quit!