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Be Real Hero For Your Family

hey Guys,
I am here to Explain ‘How to came back Fiverr’ after a long. Let me introduce my self. I am Hafizur. I am just 21 years Old. Last Year I got married as I was Seller in Fiverr and doing Job in an IT Firm. But after marriage, I leave the IT Job. I decide to work on Fiverr. Now, I am struggling to get new Buyer’s.
What’re steps I am taking:

  • Creating New Gigs
  • making attractive
  • marketing on GIGs
  • Sending Buyer Request
  • Active as possible.
    I want to be a real hero For my Family.
    Guys, Pray for me.

Great Buddy i will pray for You

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carry on…and be patience. best of luck

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I would have made sure my Fiverr gigs were selling better before I quit my full time job. Perhaps you should find another job to supplement your Fiverr work? :thinking:


Thank you for praying. Hope this community will introduce me with Globe. I am little bit slow in English.

Good luck :slight_smile:
:sparkles: :sparkles::sparkles:

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Dude! I have been working on Fiverr Since Feb 2016. But truly speaking,. the Marketplace always gives priority on Buyer. They listen to Buyer more than Seller.

Hey, I must say you thanks for your Good wish.

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Thanks for your Valuable Comment. I will try it first 100% then…

Good Luck very best wishes for your success…

Fiverr is good to work but you have to try other options also…

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Thank you Dear. I will try.

Thanks, Dear. I appriciate

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@hafizurfaysal1 Did you read the forum’s rules and guidelines? If you had, you’d know that it is against the forum’s rules to post links to some random external website on the forum or to post a link to your Fiverr profile in a sub-category other than My Fiverr Gigs or Improve my Gig. It is considered spam, and it only helps project a highly unprofessional image of yourself. Is that what you want?

I suggest that you remove the links from all your previous posts before a moderator comes along and has to delete them or the community has to flag them. Thanks.


I didn’t know that. I should Read the GuideLines

Yes, you should! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I am a newer member of Fiverr than you and I learned from the beginning that not only do you have to read the Forum Rules, you need to read the TOS in order to stay out of trouble. Have you read those? Here is a link to them.

It took me 45 days to get my first order and now I have about 400 orders in the 20 months I have been here. To start getting orders I worked on making my gigs the best they could be. I revamped them often and I still do.

I still am not sure how you expect to be a hero to your family if you have only sold about 10 orders in the last 6 months. How do you buy all of the things a family needs on that amount of income. :thinking: I still am of the opinion that you need to find at least a part time job to support your family.