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Be real: How do I get my first order?


Yeah, you can promote your gigs.
(you need to figure it out yourself how, there’s this wonderful thing called the internet)

True, you can send buyer’s request.
(could work at times)

You CAN trying staying online for 24 hours
(if you don’t have a life, that is)

You can beg for orders at the forum. Or send messages to people.
( don’t do it)

What you REALLY need to do is create a good gig.
It’s amazing how people ask for help and you go check their gigs, and
they look…VERY bad. Sorry to sound harsh, but it’s true.
Sometimes it reeeeeeaaaaaalllly makes me wonder, are ya even trying!?

Copied images. Copied descriptions.
Poor quality images. Bad grammar. Bad design samples for logo gigs.
Bad description for writing gigs. Pinterest/Stockphoto images for T shirt designs.

Ask yourself this question:

Can you HONESTLY say “Yup, mine is as good as the top sellers.
Description and grammar (I hired an editor), I made my own original images and samples(or hire a graphic designer to create one for me) etc, check check check.”

It’s nothing new but I just felt like I’m seeing a lot of
“how can I get sales” posts, so I thought I’ll point out the obvious.
I know, I’m sounding not so friendly.

It’s because I haven’t had my coffee yet!! :coffee::doughnut:

OK, happy gigging everyone.

New on fiverr since 2 week not getting orders. Need help
..........More than sell
Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long]

Couldn’t agree more. I kept seeing people recommending sellers to be online 24 hours or promote on social media like there’s no tomorrow.


The most important thing is to improve your gig first. If your gig title is bad, the image is bad, description is bad, you won’t get any sales.

Personally I think I can write a good sales copy myself. But because English is not my first language, I still plan to hire an editor later. I think it’s just so important to get it right to have any edge you can over your competitors.

This is not as easy as create a gig then the buyers will come (may be that worked in the early days). If they come only to see how bad the gig is, they will click next.



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