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Be Safe from Bad Buyers and Improve Your Faults

No need that, you will always get good buyers. In a business journey, you will get bad buyers as well as good buyers. It’s a part of business don’t take it bad. You need to learn from bad experience and your business. Sometimes, you will get some bad buyers on Fiverr, but you need to handle them professionally. Here are some tips to be safe and keep your business well by handling bad buyers.

  1. Patient: Not only business, if you can be patient you will get always positive results in everywhere. If you face any bad situation with your buyers just be cool and politely try to understand what your buyer wants from you. Try to do your best as you can.

  2. Don’t Get Rude: Sometimes, maybe some buyers will be very aggressive and possibly can slap you but cool down, it’s your business and you are a service provider so you need to be respectful to your clients. I know it’s not buyers right that, they can slap you anyway. In that case my suggestion is, ignore them and tell them simply ‘‘Do not contact me.’’ If you have order running with that bad buyer, you can send a refund, but if the buyer still argue with you, then submit a report to Fiverr ‘‘Customer Support’’ in that case make your you didn’t do anything wrong with your buyer otherwise Fiverr will take action against you.

  3. Careful About Your Profile: Your Fiverr profile is your online career, so carefully keep it safe from all bad buyers. Sometimes to ignoring any bad buyers you will need to send a refund. Don’t try to take their money, because they will leave you a bad review for sure, which will be very bad for your profile. So just send a refund and keep away from bad buyers. Remember, you will get lots of good buyers and earn more money if you have a good profile with positive reviews, so don’t destroy your profile with bad reviews.

  4. Behave Like a Good Service Provider: Any good service provider will never do bad behavior with their buyers, so forget what your buyer says, you just need to show good behavior and politely answer them.

  5. Respect Your Buyers: Sometimes, if you do not respect your buyer, they can be bad for your fault. I mention ‘Your Fault’ because every buyer wants some respect from their service provider (not important what type of service). So, show respect, you will see how good buyers are.

  6. Make Sure About Your Work Quality: Buyers always want quality, so if you failed, they can be rude, they can be crazy (not all buyers). Always try to deliver quality work.

  7. Finally, Forget Bad Experience: Even you try to do your best, some bad experience can be happening. But don’t stop or hold on bad things just go ahead, you will get lots of good buyers and will become a great Fiverr seller.

Best wishes for all of Fiverr sellers. It’s Rasel Khondokar from Bangladesh. “Level 2” seller in Fiverr. This is my first post and I want your ‘‘Vote’’ that, what I should write. Let me know, what you people need to know, I will try to write about your required topic. So help me to choose my topic.

Thank you,


Thanks @raselkhondokar for your article.
In some time, we faced some clients, who are be respectful with you for the job work.
But, after deliver the work, they started blackmail to cancel the order otherwise, they provide a 1 star review. In my professional fiverr life,I have faced 3 times about that problem.
Now, please can you explain it how we are avoiding this kind of buyers.
Thanks at all.


Had 1st bad experience with a buyer named *****. After a detailed discussion he made me work for 800$ while the actual cost was 2000$. For bulk amount of apps. After I delivered 1st badge he said I don’t want this in this way and opened a ticket and later on i checked that he uploaded the work on the internet that I delivered for earnings.


@itechnologyhub, there are some buyers, who come here to get their work with an unpaid method. Fiverr CS is always help to buyer, not for sellers.
I think it, so that many of seller frustrated with their service, and go away from Fiverr.
Thanks to you.

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thank you.I’ll be very carefull now.

Exactly. There should be check and balance to support the sellers as well otherwise they can get disheartened and all their hardwork and money will go to waste.

Had an experience with a buyer too. The buyer ordered my gig(2), i delivered and he gave a 5 star review for the two orders. few days later, he reported my gig to fiver CS. And you know the rest.

@raselkhondokar Completely agree with your all point !!

had an experience with a buyer tonight who demanded a refund after delivering the order just to basically get free work.

I have blocked him… but it would be nice to have some internal way to rate buyers, especially if they have this pattern so that other sellers can be aware (and Fiverr can too)

I certainly hope that kind of behavior gets caught. I don’t mind this one off. I just shrugged it off, but I feel badly for the next seller that he takes advantage of for not getting any kind of warning.

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Thanks for sharing the tips.

Nice tips, Thanks a lot…