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Be Sure Your Article Passes Copyscape - MUST READ

Recently, an article writer contacted me about his article work. His demo article looked great so I ordered several articles from him. But, what happened next chucked up some red flags and I want to share them with you:

  1. The articles (9 in all) were returned rather quickly. I also write articles and know that it takes a bit to research and write… so having all 9 articles returned to me within a few hours seemed too good to be true.

  2. Reading them, they were almost flawless. But, the context seemed to jump around a bit making it appear that possibly some paragraphs were copied from individual sources… but when tested;

  3. Testing 1: We all know we can grab a paragraph from the article and do a Google search - which is what I did and nothing was returned. I also checked CopyScape and it passed 100%… too good to be true??

  4. Testing 2: Always save the article in Notepad. It seems like an antique way of doing things, but you’ll see why … keep reading:

    What I discovered when saving the file in notepad, an error popped up (see image), that the file contained characters in Unicode format. While this may not seem like a big deal, some text may be wonky, but… upon further inspection of the article I noticed that the simplest text was having problems saving.

    Seeing the weird errors in the text file, I copied to a WordPress blog post in visual mode. It showed odd errors there as well with simple text like the words “the”, “more”, “and” etc etc. underlined as if they were incorrectly spelled.

    So I opened the text file in Notepad++ to see what the file really looked like and where the Unicode problems were… and there were lots. See Image #2

    If your article passes Copyscape 100% and no other info is found using a Google search, I suggest testing it a 3rd way, and that’s by typing in a couple of sentences directly into Google search. It’s how I discovered that the articles were simply copied from another source and the file transferred to Unicode to hide the real info.

    There are a lot of super article writers here on Fiverr, and I firmly believe in hiring new Fiverr sellers, but do your due diligence on the material returned. Posting an article on your blog in this format is certainly not going to be beneficial to you if search engines can’t read it. As well, if a human can and they spot a copy it could be bad for your website.

    So, long story short, save yourself some time and use a programme such as Notepad++ to view articles. Don’t trust that an RTF file or Docx is ok to assume the work is safe to use. Hope this information helps. Fiverr On!

Wow this is very useful man, I hope buyers will see this.

Nice information! keep it up!

Great info! Sad so many buyers get abused by this.

Nicely explained! I too became a victim, there are many seller on fiverr selling such encoded articles, mostly those who are providing 3 x 500 words article in 24 hrs. + 1 free article as bonus for a nice review. Beware of such scammers.

Wow. WOW! WOW!

Your a genious!

One way to weed these out is to contact the writer before purchasing and ask if they can deliver your purchase in plain text (.txt) format. While you might still end up with a scammer and have to cacel, it reduces the chances. Many sellers who try to pass off encoded articles will panic when they see that question and they won’t respond at all.

well i think one of the key problems is most buyers seem to think writing a 500 word original article is easy to do and some select sellers advertize 2000 words for $5 and are using this Unicode method to rip the off. am a writer too and it takes me virtually days to get one order even after sending samples to buyers to show how genuine my work is some request as much as 1500words for $5 (sorry $4).
buyers should be considerate and stick with the genuine sellers.
another tip read gig descriptions carefully.
i think am’a edit my gig description to include i don’t write in Unicode, could get me more buyers.

Thanks for this superb information.

Any writer who does that is only killing businesses both ways. Writing takes time and if you are aiming to be original and unique, you have to research and write manually.

Notepad and searching individual lines. Takes so much effort to catch them. Might be better off researching and writing your own article it seems

Wow very Nice Post…Thanks

Because it passes copyscape, it doesn’t mean it will pass other plagiarism systems. There are at least 6 important systems. You need to make sure it passes all of them by at least 80% on average for all systems. Don’t get bogged down by only using copyscape.

Or just do enough research to hire a writer with a proven reputation for not plagiarizing other people’s work. Generally, you can tell which Fiverr writers are going to write original work, and which ones do not have the skills they claim. For starters, how they write their gig details, the kind of vocabulary they use, the professionalism they display (or lack thereof), and their reputation as a seller on Fiverr are good indications of the type of work a buyer can expect from that seller.

It is really informative post which is helpful for buyer for finding quality work, effective sellers

I totally understand where you’re coming from. But, that’s the beauty of Fiverr and hiring other writers. It gives you a fresh perspective and writing style for your or a client’s website.

Cheers for the comment edume. Aside from copyscape, what are the other 6? Care to share?

Just yesterday i hired 4 writers for same keyword and two of them are really working genuinely but other two are real scammers but at first i didn’t realize that and accepted their article and provided them my honest positive review but today when i was trying to post those article in my WordPress website, Yoast SEO was showing keyword density 0% so i thought its Yoast plugin issue and i reinstalled it but still the same, then i paste those article’s on my another testing WordPress site but same 0% keyword density, Now i found this post and really appreciate the way marketman explained where is the catch exactly in these scamming sellers articles. Anyway after reading all this i have googled about any online tool which can detect Unicode in articles so after a deep research i found this free tool below

I know Notepad++ can also check this but this free tool can also help many peoples like its helping me right now to quickly find out the Unicode in articles in just one click. Enjoy !!

I am sorry you had to suffer this.

People like those are affecting business of competent writers as well.

When I see buyers demanding 5 articles of 500 words for $5 (In buyer requests), that is where sellers give them what they want, and good thing is they never get caught.