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Beautiful and Classic Star Wars Intro for you


I come to offer The classic version to carry out that idea you have in your head. For only $5!!!

You can use this video to promote your event, to surprise a friend especially a fan of star wars , Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Here’s what I will be giving you for only $ 5:

1 Fully customized video, Classic Version (all texts in the video are editable, see the images)
FULL HD 1920 × 1080
Output format .mp4
Music included
Show your logo or special image at the end of the video (it’s optional)

Thank you for your time and remember… May the force be with you!




How much does the music licensing cost from Lucasfilm/Disney?


I replied in the previous post. If you want you can order Regards!


Yeah. That gig is breaking all sorts of rules on Fiverr.

You are going to get sued. Seriously.

I had a website which had Marvel in the name. Disney told me to take it down.

You are selling their song without licensing rights. Like. Seriously. Come on.



It is NOT necessary, the music is NOT the same. And unlike many sellers this intro is created by me, it isn’t a basic template. Therefore I have total control. Precisely, it is designed for that …
Please, I repeat the same thing from the previous post … if you do NOT really KNOW about copyright and when it is possible to apply them, I would appreciate you not saying obvious things and full ignorance … '(I waste my time)


How/in what way is the music/melody different to that created by John Williams? How/in what way did you change the music so it is no longer infringing the prior work? Did you compose the music that appears in your gig info video and YouTube clip linked to from the gig info video? How did you record the music? Did you hire an orchestra? In what way is this not copyright infringement (do you consider all the videos fair use or paraody and that that gives you the right to use the entire copyrighted theme music in them (making up the vast majority (duration) of the end product) in exchange for payment but giving no payment to the copyright holder)?


You must be joking right?

So the music playing on your main demo video is composed and performed by another composer and a different orchestra?

Because it is IDENTICAL to the original.

Also congrats on making a text into a 3d layer, tilting it and moving it along the z-axis.

I am sure a lot of work went into that.