Beautiful Handmade Envelopes and Envelope Liners


For only $5, I am selling beautiful, handmade, designer envelopes made from recycled paper. There are three different types of envelopes available: envelopes made of vintage dictionary paper, vintage atlas paper, or vintage Wizard of Oz color prints. These are great for sending your friends, family, and pen pals letters in style, slipping little notes to your friends, or sending invitations for a party or wedding. The possibilities are endless-- your imagination is the limit!

Here is the link to my gig:

Also, check out my matching envelope liners here:


you have made great amount of sales within a short time!! well done!!


Reply to @jasveena: Thank you :slight_smile:


I would contact Fiverr especially for this gig, if you get the right person I bet they will feature it(From last I checked, there is an option in customer service to specifically request a gig to be featured.). :slight_smile:

I also recommend SEO’ing up the gig a bit with keyword focus “handmade envelope” and “custom envelope” as the two main keywords. From my experience, most of my orders actually come from searches via search engines or through Fiverr’s search. Rarely do I get someone telling me they ordered my gig as they found me in a category.

If you aren’t that familiar with SEO, there are plenty of Fiverr users on here who can help you out tremendously in boosting the value of your gig so you can show up and become more visible to a broader range of users.

Do also recommend improving the gig extras a bit, try to do a bit of a “mix and match”. For example with the envelope one, rather than 20 more envelopes, why not add the liner in you can throw in, and for the liner one, have it so in the extra someone can buy the envelope. My thought would be if they’re going to be buying the envelopes, they would be interested in buying the liner as well. :slight_smile:

Perhaps since they are handmade envelopes, you can charge perhaps $10 for a gig extra that can be a training video for them to make envelopes themselves. Or alternatively you can have a “custom” card making for $20(plus mix in the potential training video.

Just some random tips. I may know a few people that could be interested in this, i’ll try to pass this on and see what happens. :slight_smile:


Reply to @freelancemm: very useful tips and you are kind enough to help new sellers to recommend their gigs!!


I love the envelopes. They’re great.


Reply to @freelancemm: Wow! :slight_smile: Thank you for all your tips! I will try to implement some of them soon!!!


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks! :slight_smile:


@jasveena I try to be as helpful as I can!

@cassysailermoon Yep, no problem! Best of luck!


Reply to @freelancemm: thank you!! :slight_smile: