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Beauty, Blue Blocking, and Beyond

Hello, :wave:

I find that I have been having kind of off-topic, but interesting conversations with other Forum members in other threads. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For example, with @misscrystal about Blue Blocking glasses and homemade skincare. I thought of more I would like to say on these subjects, but do not want to be :black_flag:ed as off task. :worried:

So, I have begun this catch-all thread that could be kind of like a PM, except PM usually means Private Message. Here it will mean Public Messages. :smiley:

I would like it to be a place where we, as Forum members, can just visit. There is the Beyond part of my topic to indicate that all subjects of conversation are welcome. :relaxed:

However, this is not a place to ask for help with sales or rant and rave about issues with your Fiverr work that you may be experiencing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Please make your own thread for that. :wink:

If a mod such as @wp_kid will let me know if this is allowed, I would appreciate it.


To start the conversation, I want to say to @misscrystal that my yellow night driving glasses seem to have become less effective, and my eyes now do get tired after being on the computer for an extended time or even for a short time for that matter.

I need new glasses, so I am thinking of getting the blue-blocking extra in my prescription. However, I do not like to wear my glasses when I work because I see better without them. (Or is that because I need new glasses?) Anyway, I think I will Will go to Amazon and order a pair. It seems that there are two options. One pair is for when you work in the daylight on your computer, and one is for night working.

So, Miss C, what have you decided to do?

PS, if anyone else wants to chime in about blue-blocking glasses or what you do to deal with tired eye issues please feel free to do so.

I have the clear glasses that are supposed to block blue light but I really doubt that they do that. I haven’t tried wearing them for the computer.

There are free online test pages where you can try out glasses and they should block out anything blue. The clear ones do not.
I also have reservations about the change in colors on the screen that the yellow ones would create so I’m on the fence about getting and wearing yellow ones. Right now my eyes have finally started feeling a lot better since I started taking krill oil capsules. I assume my main problem was dry eyes.

However my sleep times are greatly disturbed and that is probably from the blue light emitted from computer screens so I’m going to take the plunge and get the yellow tinted glasses and try them.

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I don’t see a difference to be honest.
I have problems with my vision so I have a pretty big collection of different glasses and different lenses.
I guess I’m spending too much time on my screen that my eyes are getting tired every day anyway.
So I can’t say that it’s better with blue blocking glasses. It’s only changing the colour of the screen to more yellowish colour.
(Which is already adjusted on last iPhone models to a warmer white in comparison to the later models)
But it might have a better effect for someone who’s not using screens so much.
(By “much” I mean I wake up with my phone, moving to work on the computer. Draw on the iPad, watch series on tv and finishing the day with a phone. So basically with a screen all 12 hours during the day)

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I began using f.lux about a year ago, I think someone mentioned it on the forum. This changes the screen to warmer colours depending on the time of day. Honestly couldn’t work without it. I work mostly in evenings and nights so it’s a real big deal for me.


If the blue blocking glasses help, isn’t it going to be a problem for those working on gigs where the colous are important, like graphic design, video/colour correction/colour grading etc. Surely they can’t use them and also get accurate colours when working with colour in their gigs.


My new computer screen is beautiful but emits so much light it is burning my retinas out. It’s like looking into the sun.

I was going to ask how to change the screen color. I will check out f.lux.

Edit: @mariashtelle1 and @eoinfinnegan

I tried f.lux and I think I am in love. :relaxed: Right now I am on “Halogen” and I will see how that goes. Which one do you prefer Eoin?


I set custom colours due to my weird working hours. If you use it for a few hours then turn it off, the difference is crazy - will wonder how you lived without it

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As I am working and using it, I do not notice the color shift too much. But when I walk away and come back and view my screen from afar, it is like, Wow, that screen looks different. :open_mouth:

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