Became a LEVEL 2 seller from yesterday, But after that sale has been reduced, any reason?


Hello Fiverr,

I have got LEVEL2 badge yesterday, but after that I am not getting anymore order. Usually I am getting 4-5 orders a day…(Especially on Sundays, 7-8 orders), is there any reason for that…


Yep, I guess it is what is happening, Fiverr helped you get the ball rolling, now it is time to do your bit. Promote, take part in the discussions on the forum and LindedIn Fiverr group, try to use your 5 Buyer Requests each and every day, etc … :bz


i think it’s because previously your gig/s had been on the front home page and now they are not. because that’s what happened to me, when my gigs went on the homepage i got so much sales, but now it’s been a week now and I haven’t got any orders because my gigs are not on the the fiverr front page anymore :frowning:


Reply to @superfunart: Thanks for the information…


Reply to @magellon: Yes, I used to promote in FB,twitter etc…but linkedln never used…Let me try that…Thanks…