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Became fool by buyer request!


A buyer from the USA messaged me after sending buyer request. She said that she wants to see a sample what I described to her in the offer. I made a sample and revised that twice. At last, she liked the sample and told that she needs colors in the final delivery and she is not finding hire or offer button to order for logo. After seeing that I created a custom offer at the same price I gave her the first offer. After that no replies came from her, she rejected my custom offer twice and not gave a single message though I told her at least let me know whether I should work on her logo. No replies, today I saw she has a review as the buyer, I think she used my unique idea of logo sample to get it done by a cheap seller! It took me two nights to go to the actual logo she liked. Such a pathetic buyer!

Now, I am thinking about stopping to give a sample before order. Should I?


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Thank you for your comment.


Very sad story!
I suggest you never to send any sample before order. As per my belief, sample/example should be provided by the buyer. If they want to build it from idea, then they should explain their requirements.

I can remember, some of the people whom I sent my previous works screenshots ( Custom Designed Popup), they did not order me.


never work on an unpaid assignment. SAMPLE is something you have done before for others. So no work involved, just showing your skills. If the buyer wants personalize work, place an order first.


Never use such word here on Fiverr. This might destroy your career as a freelancer. :slight_smile:
(Of course it’s an OT message and just a reminder)


It’s better to avoid these types of clients


No one else here to blame and that’s a lesson for you to never ever give any work or “samples” for free. All the samples they can see in your portfolio and all the work that involves custom adjustment or more than that creating an idea should be paid first.

Don’t expect that after this she will accept your offer or pay you. She already got your work for free and even fiverr cant force her to pay in this case.

But even more than that, not only you worked for free, but that’s also destroying image and reputation of other designers and sellers on this platform. If that worked once for this buyer she most probably will try to do that again with someone else.


I get at least one request a week for a sample. I redirect them to my gig which already has samples in it. Occasionally, someone sends another message saying that I haven’t done their work yet. Duh! Of course not, please place your order now! They never do…


Same here, I get those requests all the time. And some of them also sometimes coming back asking where are their designs and how much longer would it take. So I have to redirect them to placing an order again. Sometimes it’s just an ignorance but in most cases they are fishing and trying to get designs for free.
And my point: that happens exactly because there are other designers that ready to work “for free” (even if they don’t want to) without following the rules.


Thank you all, for giving your valuable comments. I hope best for you all.


I am not sure what you mean by this comment


Yes, I love this comments all over fiverr forum with English words that doesn’t make any sense in a full sentence.


He meant not to use the word “assignment” on Fiverr (well, you can use it on the forum, but not in your gigs or messages on the main site).


what is wrong with assignment? I just can’t imagine any context where it could be a negative word.


Helping with school assignments, homework etc. - not allowed any more.


In addition to what @merciavideo said, people get their gigs denied just because someone suspects that they might be offering to do someone’s homework.


sad to hear that, but i think you should have sent custom order before doing any revisions. beware next time :slight_smile:


Definitely! It’s not worth the stress, hassle or risks.