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Becarefull with seller XXXXXXXXXXX


This seller “XXXXXXXX” (we have deleted the name as seems it´s not accepted at fórums), it´s poor and not serious. About 4 days ago we wrote them for asking about a promotion they where offering at their Gig. As it wasn´t explained clear, we got in contact with them. After 3 days, no answer from them at all was received, so we wrote them back, asking to please send us some answer to our question, because we wanted to take their Gig, plus the offer attached, but we needed to have the information cleared about the offer…

This was the conversation:



Hi, I´m interested in your add, but want to confirm that those 300k visits are thru a month 30 days period and NOT in a pair of days, a week, or so. Its this ok? Thanks! Cheers!!




Sorry, I forgot, I saw in your add: ORDER FOR THIS GIG AND GET FREE GIG DONE FOR YOU.

This means, that if we buy one, we get another one? 300k x2 a month?

Thanks -))


Hi, I´ve communicated with you on 3rd and got no answer at all. Could you please answer our questions please?


XXXXXXXXXXXX - Please don’t Order my service. Thanks


Thru this time, my partner buyed their Gig and 24 hs after, we recived an email cancelling our order, without explanation…

This is it, no support at all from XXXXXXXXXXXX, no explanation at all, no communication at, just loosing our time…


This looks like you’re spamming and trying to give other people a bad name. Are you a seller using a different account maybe?

I only point this out because you have multiple posts all saying the same thing only with different members. Copy/Paste message but all different people you are talking about looks kind of suspicious.


This is a job for sheriffs I think…


I see many POSTS where people call others by name and post bad things. And these posts went LIVE for more then 24 hours. I guess most sheriffs are busy!


Reply to @wingle: please remember that sheriffs are sellers like us: they need to process their orders, answer their customers, they have their committments and their lives outside Fiverr other than being sheriffs :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: I am not complaining and i totally understand your point. :slight_smile:

Fiverr should make more Sheriffs to moderate this forum.


Hi, this people are from united states, we are from spain, I think that instead of taking our friendly feedback as it is, for helping others, … and NO, we do NOT SELL anything, WE BUY, this is it and hopefully the admins take care of this type of advertisings.

Why when people share to others something that happened, others think that client is making spam, instead of seller not working well? Someone could explain this?

We have IP, you can track us, you can have our pone number, you can have our adress, our country, what else you want, for not thinking so weird???

Maybe, and I say, maybe… You do not want clients to share their feedback? Maybe you want to block them for not sharing with others about what happened with sellers? is that it? Hopefully not :frowning:


Name of the company deleted in both posts (2) as you said it´s not allowed to post names and support ticket system finded and we have sended a ticket explaining situation and our 2 post at fórums with direct links, so admin tell us what to do or delete them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge