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Because of my foolishness buyer gave me a bad feedback

I am new in fiver. I am not clear yet all of the menu item of the fiver. Without making any contact suddenly one buyer send me a gig and said to complete his work within two days but I couldn’t complete his work because I haven’t good skill on his demanded work and i told him my weakness clearly I said I can’t complete your work because i haven’t good idea about your work. I didn’t know I can cancel any contact if i want. After two days he gave me a very feedback and canceled his contact. I couldn’t understand it but when i went to buyer request option to send my offer I noticed a bad notice and my offer is empty . Please help me what do i do now? How can i remove this notice. Is it possible to get back my offer again? How can i remove buyer feedback or contact with him?

You can’t remove it.

If you were unable to deliver what the customer wanted, you should have offered a mutual cancellation / refunded the customer immediately and not let the order sit there for days as you have done. As you said you were unaware you could do this, I advise you get more familiar with how the Fiverr gig system works.

The only way you’ll recover your rating is to sell more gigs and deliver what you promise thus generating good reviews. You will need good reviews in order to regain a good feedback rating and be able to use custom offers.

He hasn’t left you a negative review directly, he’s cancelled the order because you failed to deliver and/or offer a refund to him. The remark he left is an auto-generated negative review by the Fiverr system.

many many thank for your advice
please tell me how can I get back my daily 10 offers and sell more gigs?

By raising your feedback rating.

Sell some gigs, do well, please the customer, get some great reviews. Your rating will rise and you’ll be able to use offers again.

yes @smork is correct. try to do your best and regain your reputation.


Be encouraged that you can turn everything around. Deliver awesome services, communicate clearly with buyers and keep a positive attitude. Good luck.

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You should tell this to customer service and tell them you are new and did not know you can cancel a sale if you cannot do the work.

As @misscrystal said, your best bet is to contact the customer service and explain the situation.

Reply to @alirao123: You can’t post your offers on people’s posts :slight_smile: