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Because of one buyer , account was disabled , but again came back to the race :)


but i didn’t bother fiverr again and againand came back to try my luck :wink:


buyer !!!:confused:what do he do ?? @mafyaqayyum_wp


Sorry to hear about your story but it looks like you have created a new account. I assume you didn’t take Fiverr support’s permission to create a new one. You breaking Fiverr’s low. Soon your new id will be banished.


he asked me some questions related o his work :confused:


should i take permission from fiverr ? i don’t know much about this


I’m not sure about this. I have many friends who’s account was suspended from Fiverr. I suggested them to work on other marketplace.


i think fiverr is very user friendly then others :confused:


If you don’t want to be banned, that’s a good idea.


i’ll :slight_smile:
thank you :slight_smile: