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Because of this Pandemic Payment Clearance should be less than 14 days

Hello Fellow Sellers, Don’t you guys think payment should be less than 14 days because of this pandemic. because I think is affecting everyone.

Share your thoughts!

Think we should send this recommendation to Fiverr Support team!


I have the option in my earnings section to get an early payout for a one time .01 % fee.

However, it is only available for gigs I finished for my repeat buyers.

Have you checked to see if you have it? Yesterday, there were who posted that they had this option on their earnings page.
They talk about it in this thread.


I don’t have that option

Maybe it is in beta, or maybe it happens if you have many repeat clients.


or it’s working in few countries, like USA

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It might be those that pay a certain way. When I think about chargebacks I can see how it might be risky unless someone is an established seller. They have to know a seller is reliable and not going to suddenly disappear.


The OP of the thread I posted is not from the USA.


I believe it only becomes available when the buyer has already left a review for the order, and not everyone has access to it it yet (they’re still rolling it out). I only got the option today.