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Become a level 1 seller in 30 days but

Become a level 1 seller in 30 days but not getting order after that i dont know what problem is that.

In starting i get orders in 2 days but now i not getting any order please help me …{vector tracing gig}

same problem with me

When you started you were in the “new” category when people searched. Now you are competing with many more people. I would just research other top sellers gigs in your field, and then compare your ad to theirs to see what you can do better. Maybe add more keywords, or extra portfolio photos…and just give it time, and promote it outside of Fiverr as well.

Very nice.I created business card;

Well you have to be patient and try to improve your gig impressions by promoting them on social networks etc. Orders will start rolling real soon

I’ve experienced a similar issue. In my first month, I had 11 orders. This month, so far, I have had just 1 order. I have a 100 percent rating overall, so that can’t be the issue. I have posted flyers locally and handed out business cards. I’ve done the social networking thing, too. So, I don’t know what the problem is.

Stay positive! I was in the similar situation a while ago, but successfully earned level 2 in the desired time frame. Listen to @Sincere18 suggestions. He has been a great help to me…

I only finish my 30 days fiverr success course link in post , yes fiverr have for new buyers first month some boost to give new guys some option success , after it you need start build your profile and make effort and promote also outside fiverr , youtube, forums, facebook etc… after level 2 visibility improved , be creative how get level 2 account , hope my course will help :slight_smile:


Hope it’s help.

if you new in fiverr i sure that course will help you , it’s 90% coupon discount for first days of promotion.

Good Luck!!!

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I can’t understand why this happens on fiverr. We face sudden drop in sales while working at the peak. can anyone explain please ?

all people have equal chances.