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Become a top rated seller?


I am a level 2 seller for quite some months now and have all targets met to become top rated seller. However, I do not get promoted in any of the monthly rounds. What am i missing


First of all congrats that you have achieved such a milestone. Sky is not the limit.

You can be a Top rated seller if you could provide a better service than all others at an affordable cost. What you have to do to access what is your weakness is that you should spectate any of the top rated seller in your category niche and see what he is delivering, what I am not? I think this will let you grow more on fiverr. You have to give best service to get better recommendations and feedback.

Let’s take an example of a shop that sells sweets, their are many other who are selling as well but why one get monopoly and that sells the most sweets because of the unique and best service in the town he is giving.

Take some time and just think how can I solve a problem that others wont or how can i give the best that others not giving, remember others weakness should be your strength. It’s all about the timing and numbers.

Hope so I could provide any value to you.


If you type “why can’t get TRS” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.


thanks for the advice, already did that.

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I’ve been a level 2 seller for nearly 7 years without being a TRS, despite meeting all the targets for every single month since the monthly assessments came in. So really, a couple of months is nothing. You just need to keep striving to be better. Take some skills tests, do some of the Learn courses, become active on the forum or in social media, become an affiliate, work harder and work smarter. And hope that the Fiverr PTB that choose the TRS notice you.

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Congratulations brother for your great achievement.

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