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Become millionaire? Answer to haters and sceptics (Answered)

Hello, there was some discussion in one of my gigs topic.

But 30 replies is limit for this category. Some people don’t believe in spells, astrology, readings and so on. But this is just their lack of knowledge in probability theory and modern physic theories.

Here I’ve created FREE a gig where you’ll pay only after getting results.

I think after that there wouldn’t be any lame jokes about Harry Potter.

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well I think people will like to test you

I didn’t see any “haters”. I saw people who were sceptical or probably didn’t believe though.

Maybe if you explained more about how your ‘spell’ 'works and how you know it works more people might believe it. Do you just say the words of a spell or something else? Also, have you done scientific tests that show your magic works and gives the results you believe it does and if so, why not show those on your gig? Also, have you compared it to a “placebo effect”? How different are the results when you say it is magic but perform no magic, and how different is it to when you say you perform no magic but just give the other advice in your gig? Also, why do you need the buyer’s personal details for your magic to work? Shouldn’t it be able to automatically work? If you use spirits to help you shouldn’t they know who the buyer is? So if you show scientific evidence proving your methods work and are profitable maybe more people will believe.

Also, why do you say you are doing it for “Free” when the gig is priced at $5 for the basic package with a lot more for the premium package?

Also, how are people supposed to know which earnings were from your “spell” and which were what they would have earned without your “spell”?

Why don’t you use the spell to increase your earnings by a lot so you don’t need to create gigs?

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I am not sure why this topic has to be dragged out like that. OP made his point and gave his answer as mentioned in the title. Answer given - Resolved! :fireworks: (Portions of this thread have been flagged and removed post-closure.)