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Become new seller level

Hi there!

Do you want to become seller level 1? There are some things that good boost your scores and get you more orders and eventually gets you a new level. It has everything to do with SEO-optimization of your GIG’s description, title, and your whole profile. Fiverr’s algorithm gives your gigs a score depending on several factors. Here a few quick tips:

:heavy_check_mark: Use 2-3 keywords that are related to your service and include them in the title as well.
:heavy_check_mark: Check out the tags your biggest competitors use and test them with your gig.
:heavy_check_mark: Don’t say: “send me a message before ordering.” This will let people bounce.
:heavy_check_mark: Offer the exact right price, not too low ($5) and not too high.
:heavy_check_mark: Treat people like your friends rather than your pay check.
:heavy_check_mark: Design a cover photo that draws eyes so people click on it.

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Hi @dademaagency,
Thank you for your advice. :heart: It is really kind information for the new sellers to be adapted themself to accelerate Fiverr journey. :horse_racing: :surfing_woman:

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Thank you! I thinks it is necessary that people know these kind of tricks.

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.Obviously, it will help new Seller to improve their GIG Score.

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