Become Rich! How to become Financially Free


I can give you financial advice on most of the things that you would need to help you become a millionaire, I can 100% guarantee that if you are young and you follow my tips that you will become a millionaire.

Here is a list of what I can give you advice on:

  • How to manage your household income.
  • How to get out of debt.
  • How to invest in Cryptocurrencies and advice on what to invest in and what to avoid.
  • How to become financially free and make passive income.
  • How to invest in real estate with no money.
  • Basic tips on how to avoid paying taxes.
  • How to grow your social media following and monetize your audience.
  • How to make money online.


Are you a millionaire ?


It’s “advice.” Not “advise.”

“Advice” is a noun that means giving a suggestion on what someone would do. “Advise” is a verb used to express the act of giving advice.

“I advised him to check his grammar before giving a millionaire advice.”

"I can give you financial advice."

Maybe I should start a spelling and grammar “advice” Gig for professionals offering advice on extremely important Life matters, such as personal finance, for example.


He is Billionaire :rofl::grin::grinning::sweat_smile::laughing:


Haha, ofcourse he is, he doesn’t pay taxes :smiley:


I am not, I’m still 20 years old and what I am teaching is not a get rich quick scheme, but I’m confident that it will happen early and I will be to retire in my 20s.


Corrected, thanks for the explanation mate.


Hey, dude, I am 20 years old too advice me how I could be a trillionaire.:slightly_smiling_face::wink:


As you are offering advice using skype just make sure to get permission from customer support.


I will do that, thanks mate


Then I wish you best of luck with this. :wink:


Thank you mate :slight_smile: