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Becoming a better director & extracting Fiverr's real talent

I came here for Art, I don’t think Fiverr is the right place for that. I had a great experience improving my directing abilities as I’ve worked on multiple art projects on Fiverr.

I think what I want out of Fiverr is developers. Right now Fiverr is best for data collecting and cold calls. I think once I build a relationship with specific sellers, I can turn them into developers (or at least give them that opportunity)


You can find real talent out here on fiverr.

It doesn’t mean that if the services are for $5, that you are going to get something bad. There are a lot of people that are giving their extra effort and always delivery more than they promise. Services are cheaper here because it’s a supply driven marketplace.

If you are beginner in something, and you want to gain a lot of new skills, meet different cultures, learn business communication. Fiverr is the best place for that.

I think you should re-evaluate the way you are using Fiverr. You are a buyer of services. Your own business development, therefore, depends on nothing else but you learning how to identify high-quality sellers who can deliver what you need them to.

Attempting to turn a seller into a developer is basically saying: “I’m going to give these people training and personal development which they will appreciate and which they will then repay me for in the form of incredible work for my business.”

This won’t work. All Fiverr is about for sellers is workflow. Someone reads my one of my gig descriptions and says “Hi, can you write health related articles?” I say yes, an order is placed, I deliver and I move on to the next client.

If on the other hand, someone messages me saying: “Hi, we are abcd company and we want to help you develop your career be becoming one of our regular writers blah blah blah,” I run a mile.

The type of development you are talking about is not suited to Fiverr. Such a suggestion tells serious sellers that you are likely a low budget business with a bit of an ego who would be a nightmare to work with. New sellers and scammers, on the other hand, will flock to you initially before dying off in droves.

Figure out what you want, find a good seller, and buy it. - That’s how you develop your business.


Really good advice. I will heed it.