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Becoming a Level 1 seller, what's next? [Moved due to gig link]

Hello guys!

I just turned to a Level 1 seller! yay!

How do you guys keep up your sales and how long till you become a level 2 seller?

Share your experience with us! (:

Check out my top selling gig:

Thanks for viewing! ^^

Check out for leveling up requirements. Some may find it easy to level up to level 2 by just keeping on naturally without any extra promotion, while some like to use social media or set up their own website.

Just a kind reminder - this post fits better in Fiverr Stories forum category, and it’s not necessary to enclose the URL of your gig in your post, as it’ll often be regarded as an act of unnecessary self-promotion, which is not preferred. Those interested will check out your gigs by clicking on your username.