Becoming a level one seller


Hello everyone. My next evaluation is on the 14th and I’m on my 23rd day. I have cleared everything so far except seller seniority (23), earnings, and orders(7).

Some people on the forums have said that you don’t need to earn $400, or stay on the site for 60 days to become a level one seller if you clear everything else by your first evaluation.

Can someone clarify this?


If you haven’t earned the levels to rise to a level one seller by the evaluation, then all of the requirements listed on your Analytics will kick in, and moving forward, you will not be able to be promoted without achieving those requirements.

Right now, you have six days to achieve the old requirements. In seven days, those old requirements will no longer be valid.


Okay, thanks for the clarification. That means by my next evaluation, I’ll have 29 days and won’t be eligible for level one…

I’ll contact support and see what they say.


Customer Support isn’t going to tell you anything different. The old requirements end in six days. If you haven’t exceeded the old requirements within these six days, then you will have the next 30 days to try again – under the new level requirements. If you meet the new requirements by the end of those 30 days, then you’ll earn level 1.


Do you know if evaluation dates are set to different dates for everyone? I would guess that the first evaluation occurs 30 days after registration.


This is the first month of them doing evaluations like this, so it’s going to be the same date for everybody this month and from now on (if it stays as it is).

Whether that will be the case for new joiners, I’m afraid I have no idea. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, I would argue that it’s unfair if that’s the case for new joiners. If they join with 29 days left before the first evaluation, then it’s impossible for them to get to level one in a month.


Why don’t you have a chat to CS and see what they say? :slightly_smiling_face:


I sent them a message. I’ll report back with their response.