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Becoming a Seller - already a buyer

Hi there,
I have previously been a buyer. But now want to be a seller also and its not allowing me to sign up. Every time I click into “start selling” or “become a seller” it links me to the bottom of the screen. Has anyone else had this issue?


You don’t have any gigs! how you give your Service on Fiverr?

@imon13bworkshop I think that her point is that she can’t make a gig :joy:
If you’ve already tried all the usual advice (refreshing, clearing cache, different browsers, etc.), maybe try contacting customer support? It could just be a legit glitch on your end.


:smiley: May be :smiley: but After Creating a gig any buyer can sell her/his gig!

may be She trying to Click Start Selling Button Without Creating a gig!

@amcke013 before Create your gig! please Read This, Hope you will get Some help from it. :

and best of Luck for being a Seller on Fiverr. <3

You do not have to create separate Fiverr account. Simply create a gig describing your service.
Before you start selling on Fiverr have a good revision on Fiverr TOS

Yap…so do i, the call to action button “continue and create your first gig” its not working.

Did you try to clear the cache or use a different browser, as @somaginer1996 suggested?

Yap i already use two laptop, and i have reach the contact support of fiverr…hope i can find the answer, maybe you have any suggestion for me?? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What (different) version of browsers did you use?

The first laptop use firefox version 58.0.2 (32 bit)
The second laptop use chrome 14.0.814.0

Both for windows…

I have already clear the cache twice but nothing seems happen :slight_smile:

The last version of Chrome should be 64.0.3282.167. You should upgrade.
On both browsers, deactivate all the plugins/additional toolbars, if there are any installed; maybe one of them is interfering. Also, clear the cookies.

If everything fails, type this url in the browser:[your username]/manage_gigs/new

Replace [your username] with rizkytirto and see what happens.

Thank you so much pacquo…its a very kind of you, i will do what you have suggest to me…soon will report the progress here, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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