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Becoming a Top Rated Seller and Community Involvement

Hello, I’m about 1k away from qualifying for Top Rated Seller. How much does community involvement count towards being a top rated seller? I’ve participated some but not as much as others. Is there a certain level of community involvement you need here on the Forum to achieve this? Will they not allow you to be a Top Rated Seller if you don’t have enough “Community Invovlement?”


You don’t need to participate in the community at all in order to become TRS.


I right now have a friend who has fufilled all the requirements that claims she’s getting emails stating that even though she meets the qualifications she’s not involved enough in the community to be a top rated seller.

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What exactly does the email say?
I know they include community involvement in the standard list of things they send out but there are many TRS who never got involved in the forum or other community things. Similarly, there are Level 2 sellers who are hugely involved in the forum and elsewhere who have not been made TRS.
Engage on the forum for its own sake, if it is of use/interest to you or others but don’t believe that chatting here does anything more than that.


Before there was requirements to becoming a top rated seller, was it a hand picked situation then? I’m wondering if what she’s referring to is outdated. That’s the first thing I asked her.

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Community involvement USED to be hugely important in that Fiverr was a small community and needed people to help it expand. We are long past that at this stage and I have not seen anything which suggests to me that community involvement is a factor any more. Of course, if you spend all your time mocking or putting Fiverr down (not just complaining about specific annoyances), are a horrible person online or whatever then that might affect a decision negatively but aside from that, I see nothing linking them.


The whole point of engaging with the community was leading and helping others. That was always expected from TRS, on an ideal state of things.

TRS are expected to excel in all aspects of their role.

If a seller comes thinking they will post and engage just enough to unlock a secret achievement in order to get the TRS badge, says a lot about how far off they are from becoming TRS.


For me, I make a concerted effort to teach people what I’ve learned on Fiverr I’ve done that quite a bit on youtube and facebook. Sometimes, with the schedule I don’t always have enough time to do those things. I’d like to do more of the helping others in the Forum. I just am scatter brained and get sidetracked :slight_smile:


Sort of a good point, HOWEVER, I don’t think asking for a little clarification automatically means someone has ulterior motives. When someone is working their tail off to become TRS and is presented with a somewhat vague goal they’re supposed to achieve to get there that’s entirely dependent on another human being’s opinion of just how active one should be, I think it’s a fair question to ask. Otherwise, some folks get there after a few posts because one person may think that suffices, while someone else may have posted more frequently and is still waiting for TRS status.

All that being said, it’s a good point in that folks should be true to themselves. Be active because you want to be. If you have time to scroll through and help someone out every now and again, fantastic. If not, also fine. If you’re close enough to being a TRS that you might be wondering about that particular requirement, you’re obviously doing everything else right. Keep doing what you’re doing. :wink:


I agree, Will. Keep on doing what you do. I have seen how active you are online and you genuinely reach out to help others. You’re already a TRS in my book!

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Thanks Scott! Appreciate that.

Don’t get your hopes up. I’ve been nominated many times, and then nothing happens.

There are some e-mails from Fiverr I delete without reading, it’s just too painful.

Have you fulfilled all the milestone requirements and levels?

I used to be a TRS, then got demoted. Suffice to say, I didn’t participate on the forum before I was promoted to TRS.

Besides, the section “Achieve these goals to be nominated for a Top Rated Seller” is all green.

Total Earnings


Total Completed Orders


Avg. Selling Price


I can show you a screenshot if you don’t believe me.

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Were you a trouble maker :slight_smile:

What are your completion and response rates? If you hit below 4.8 in a 60 day period you get demoted. That’s fairly new I think

The level system was my undoing. Even though we were given time to improve our order completion rates, ratings, etc, it wasn’t enough time and I ended up demoted twice.

I think my order completion rate was 87%, but I was making $1,500 to $2,000 a month, so I didn’t care.
My rating was 4.6.

I was a volume seller, and one of the gigs I do is so subjective that you either love my work, hate my work, or are somewhere in between. It’s the curse of artistic gigs, ask any logo designer how they feel when they design a beautiful logo and their client says “I hate it, it’s crap. I need you to revise it.” It’s like that for me as well, except I don’t do logos.