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Becoming a Top Rated Seller by submitting your gig to major search engines


I just finished reading the article on how to become a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr.
Here is some advice that was taken from that article.

You can also promote your Gig by:

  1. Using social media. (Actually, we’ve found that it’s the best way to bring in outside traffic!)
  2. Submitting the link to your Gig profile to major search engines.
  3. Going on relevant forums and letting the users know about your Gig. (Read more on this here.)

Can someone please give me some advice on how to do step number 2? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you


These are not ways to become a Top Rated Seller.

Having good reviews over a long period of time and doing quality work without being late
is the best way to become top rated.


Actually, I also think these are not the ways to reach TR seller.
Answering your question relating submitting to search engines (like there
are that many relevant ones) here is Google:
I am sure you can find Bing’s and Yahoo’s submission page!

Using social media, and relevant forums require extreme amount of time
commitment from you, if you just spam your link everywhere, you’ll get
banned from those places pretty soon, or not taken seriously. Moreover,
even if your link is relevant, there is a big barrier: Those guys are not
registered on Fiverr, not have a credit card on file. Yes, registration is
easy, however 99% of the people will not bother to register, go through an
unknown and tedious process, they just leave, so actually, using social
media did not worked for me much.



I just wanted to say Congratulations to Sheila for 6.5 years on fiverr.


Thank you very much, I hope your journey will be just as successful! We might be in the same seller space? :slight_smile:


We are indeed! :two_women_holding_hands:


I don’t suggest anyone submits their gigs to Google.


Why is it bad? What is the disadvantage it will give?


This won’t give you any advantage.

#1. People don’t find Fiverr gigs on Google, they find them on Fiverr.

#2. Search engines are smart, too many people are spamming them so they don’t automatically reward you like they used to do.

#3. What is a relevant forum? Supposed you’re a logo designer, where do you go? A forum for new business owners? Chances are they already have logos.

Look, just concentrate doing great work, the rest will come later.


I agree completely with these points.

Search engines are a waste of time for gigs.


I thought a Top Rated Seller was chosen by the Fiverr team? So I fail to see how any of these methods would achieve this?

You need to maintain a good rating, give exceptional service, have a high volume of sales and be a community leader…


Hello all and thank you for the replies. I actually got these tips from Fiverr on this blog -

So I was just wondering how to do the search engine part.


Ok I see that there @pastordre but those points will help you make more sales, and yes if you make a ton more sales you could possibly get closer to being a top rated seller :slight_smile:
Here’s where you submit your link to Google.


Hi lynnehuysamen thank you so much. It worked out great.


@pastordre [quote=“pastordre, post:12, topic:95597”]
I actually got these tips from Fiverr on this blog

I can understand your thinking. That article was posted September 23, 2014 so we are a LONG way from that now. More than half the article is no longer accurate or relevant. That is why you are getting lots of responses to let you know that these are not very useful tips now. The first websites I created (which weren’t great but it was a new thing) all had to be submitted to search engines one at a time, and there were several major engines like Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc. Google wasn’t even heard of yet. Although by 2014 things had changed a lot already, it’s even more true now.

There are lots of other things in that article that are also way out of date. The forum itself is a great way to get involved in the community, but it isn’t really for gig exposure. This is also from the article about the forum: “Create threads on a regular basis, participate in other threads, reply to all the comments directed towards you,” If you were to do all that today on your first day, you would be blocked from the forum for at least 24 hours.

Here’s a whole section in that post that could get you in trouble: " Enlist the help of your family and friends! Have them purchase your Gigs and leave honest reviews (after using your services, of course).

It also wouldn’t hurt to ask for feedback…You can add a postscript to your delivery templates asking them to
leave a “thumbs up” if they find your service satisfactory. "

If you were to ask friends and family now to buy your gigs, that might be OK if they really needed them, but if Fiverr suddenly saw several people in your household buying gigs from you and leaving you reviews, you’d be in trouble. If you ask for feedback now and you are a bit pushy about the rating, you’ll be in trouble. If you were to ask for a “thumbs up” the buyer would be perplexed, since Fiverr no longer uses thumbs on gigs.

I’m not slamming you at all, you are doing exactly the right thing by reading up and asking questions. I would just add that when using blogs or magazine articles for learning, check the date. Use material that’s been posted in the past year, or even the past few months. :slight_smile: Good luck!


nice tips , but i think i will need expert in that field


Thank you and I appreciate the explanation. Really helped out a lot.


who Is Sheila ? i wanted to meet ? because of 6.5 years . very inspirable . I really wanted to meet