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Becoming a Top Rated Seller- Not So Fast!

Okay, so I’ve been on Fiverr for a pretty long time now (5+ years). I have been working as a copywriter and ghostwriter here. You can view my profile here:

I became a Level 1 seller within the first 10 days and a Level 2 seller shortly after (within a month or so). Since then, I have been working with all my dedication to become a Top Rated Seller (TRS) but… SIGH!!

To date, I have received 2k+positive feedbacks and hardly any requests for revisions. I deliver well before deadlines, reply to clients’ queries on a regular basis and meet all other requirements mentioned under Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions to become a TRS. Every month on the 15th, I am nominated for it too, but the news is always the same. It seems like an unending wait to me. I know the editors hand-pick the Top Rated Sellers, but it seems like I have waited much too long and I’m losing patience. Where have I gone wrong? Anyone else in the same boat?

Any tips?

Thanks for your help¬


What are your stats?

From what I’ve seen on other forum posts, many sellers are nominated including ones who have been here 4, 5, 6 years. Very few are promoted. I think it’s one of those things that is nice if it happens, but not something to hold your breath over since there is no real way of knowing why the Editors decide on specific people.


I think they need to make the qualifications on the Analytics page harder to get. I’m nominated every month as well and the constant rejection is pretty lame.

If you set a goal for me, show me that I have met all of your qualifications, and then reject me on a monthly basis… you’re kind of being a jerk and just toying with me. If I’m not ready to become a TRS that’s cool, but show me what it takes to become that. It would motivate me more to push harder and do more.


My first evaluation period to become nominated for TRS is coming up this month the 14th. I would say this, what has helped is constantly looking at what Top Rated Sellers do. Their presentation, Their gig video…the amount of orders in que.

When you do a search for keywords…are they showing up on the top line? Showing up on the top line in the search field is based on performance. Orders, Views, Exposure, Reviews. Are they consistently getting more orders and reviews then their competition?

I know many times I can make my gig better and stand out but sometimes I get too busy to take the time to make it better.

I also think there’s that one gig that stands out from the rest that is unique, that is compelling that separates you from everyone else that makes people curious enough to check you out first. If I had to guess…that’s what they are looking for. You know, and I don’t think it’s necessary resume either. There’s a lot of people (especially in the voice over section which I’m a part of) that have awesome credentials with National accounts that they brag about in their gig but they’ve had the same static photo on their forever. Don’t get me wrong, I think some people are content with that but I think with TRS status you really need to separate yourself from the pack.

I do wonder though why some are TRS status. I think people that have been on Fiverr from the very beginning that have achieved and maintained TRS status, that probably if they just started today wouldn’t be selected based on the criteria they are looking for today. Some random thoughts.

Will Stauff

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All the best to you Will!

Keep us updated with how it goes for you.


I’m tired of reading the same email every time with the title: “We’ve Got News About Your Seller Level”.

I am doing all that Fiverr suggests there, but all in vain.

Are you getting orders? Are you making money? If you answered yes to both these questions i wouldn’t stress over this.


If you aske me i would probably change gig image

For me this is all that matters finally. Don’t get to obsessed with stats.

I will be nominated for the first time this month! I also feel that I deserve to be chosen, but I wish there was more information on how they actually choose people. Fingers crossed for us both.

All the best with it!

Not as much as I used. That’s why becoming a TRS matters so much to me.

I have been Nominated since it was started but NO LUCK!!! :smirk: well now I am focusing working hard only

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It’s not really a matter of stressing over it. It just seems like Fiverr could be more honest about the requirements and take an opportunity to motivate it’s sellers to reach those higher standards v.s. being covert with the true selection process and sending the rest of us the monthly rejection email.

When you’re at the point of losing your patience, i think it’s safe to say that it is causing you some stress. You don’t need Fiverr to motivate you, it seems like you are doing a great job on the platform already.

I work on a crowdsourcing website called Mturk and they have a Masters qualification that is given out to a selected few. Everybody was stressing and trying to figure out the requirements needed to obtain this qualification. 2 years later i randomly received an email saying i got it. Just go about your business and continue doing the great work you do and if it is meant to happen it will.