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I am frustrated I love sports betting, but my success on this beautiful website known as Fiverr will be dictated based on my win pick ratio. My client list starting out will be very limited, because I can obviously tell that losses will drive away clients and therefore prohibiting my ability to potentially turning this into a job thing.

I am not second guessing my talents, but I am just saying that I want something more stable here on Fiverr. I am used to be a proud pc gamer, but this 24 year old unfortunately grew up and lost interest in it. I play golf, but Fiverr wise I feel like I have no skill to offer that’ll bring consistent client base. What are some gigs that a plain Jane, John Doe can learn in a short period of time.

I am asking you Fiverr community to help this lost soul acquire a Fiverr skill trade.

Happy New Year

Blake G, Seattle


You can set up a gig where you can tell people where they can legally bet on sports online and provide them with 5-10 sites that they can wager on??

Or… Start a blog for your passions, and have people pay you to sponsor an article or place their ads.??

Or… Stick to your guns, offer sports picks and winners, and let the losers leave. The more you help people win, the more they will return. I also know that the big guys charge way more for their picks, so for $5 you can give them 4-5 games you are confident in. For another $5 you can give them a list of 10…etc.

I love the idea and think it could work for you!



If I’m going to provide an affiliate link list should I go for “charge per acquisition” or “profit share?”



dtongsports said:
You can set up a gig where you can tell people where they can legally bet on sports online and provide them with 5-10 sites that they can wager on??

There are a few big big sites that I won't list that have all the sports betting sites on there and the betting sites actual grade... I'm sure anybody who wants to bet on sports can easily find that site via google.

Only thing I'd be worried about if you're offering picks is if you give out a loser, you'll most likely get a negative feedback and if you get too many...... I'm not sure people will be purchasing the gig. Even if you put a disclaimer that you're not responsible for the loss, i'm sure they'll still give you a negative.

Also, if you're giving out more than 1 pick and like them all the same, then you need to win at a higher % because of the juice that the sports books collect....

There are people out their who give their picks out for free and have decent records...

Not trying to bash or anything, just giving you a different perspective....

If you like sports, than maybe you can start a blog like @Dtongsports mentioned and then build up your traffic by writing good betting propositions, write up for games, etc... and then you could find people to advertise on your blog since sports has a pretty big demographic.

Also, even though it is illegal in most states to bet on sports via the internet, we all know there are ways around it. However, I'm not sure fiverr would like the idea of you giving out links, especially affiliate links for something that is against the law in most states....

Good luck though!