Becoming disheartened with Fiverr


I have within the last few weeks become disheartened with using Fiverr. The reason is mainly down to the feedback system. Over a 1/3 of my customers have not left feedback of any kind.

Recently, I have unfortunately had 2 unhappy customers who despite me being more than willing to do extra work above and beyond my gig in order to deliver customer satisfaction, have just left negative feedback.

I pride myself on the work that I deliver and do not just generate keywords willy nilly.


Hopefully, future buyers will see past the recent spate of negativity and I can start to build up my reputation again.



"Over a 1/3 of my customers have not left feedback of any kind."

What are you doing to encourage feedback?

Here’s what I include in every delivery…

“If you are satisfied with my work, please mark the order complete and leave some feedback. If you are not satisfied with my work, please notify me immediately. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!”


Hi @voiceoverwork

I have followed up my work with a polite message to ask if everything was ok and if they could spare a moment to leave feedback.

I will now make a point of adding a paragraph similar to yours at the end of my messages though, so thank you for that advice.

@bachas85. 40% is really high, I just think the overall feedback system should be reviewed as I don’t think it gives a true reflection of the services that we provide.

Thank you both for your replies



Asking for the order to be completed and for feedback works well for me. But if someone doesn’t leave feedback, its okay, as I’d really rather get the order marked as complete, than have a buyer sit on it for a few days. I’ve only ever had one revision request.


I don’t worry about feedback or the percentage. I look at no feedback as good feedback.


I have a message in the delivery that says to contact me if there are problems before leaving any feedback or to leave positive feedback if happy. A lot of my buyers have started to leave positive feedback and I’ve only had a handful come back with an issue. One recently was very minor, despite not being my fault, and I did it and got glowing feedback and an apology! Others have come wanting more and I’ve told them to order extra for the change in instructions, as my gig description states.



Hi, my no feedback is about 50%, which I think is great.

I’m here to do my thing and earn some extra money, not have everything I do get validated with a positive review. I’m confident that my work is excellent and I don’t need every buyer to reinforce that. With a 100% rating, a few gigs in the queue, repeat and new buyers every day, it’s all good! :slight_smile:


Great! I prefer to prevent fires, rather than put out fires. I think being upfront and straight-forward with folks sends a message that you care what they think about your product or service and that you’re prepared to back up your service/product.


Man, these cheapasses really want miracles for that $5, don’t they? Dang.


Reply to @crcanny: If you’re good at something you never do it for free. If you enjoy your work you’ll see the greater rewards of providing a service and in so doing complete to the best of your ability. It’s not a miracle. Its just good customer service. Having said this there are times when a buyer will want you to move Heaven and Earth knowing full well the costs.


@voiceoverwork,I like your blurb; think I’ll borrow it :)>-

I basically say, something like…Thanks for your order I’m including the final draft…and this order is now complete. If you feel that I have provided you with 5 star service I would appreciate 5 star feedback…etc

I haven’t really paid that much attention to the feedback ratio. I’m just glad they like the service and the work.

smartbiz38129 said: I haven't really paid that much attention to the feedback ratio. I'm just glad they like the service and the work.



I think it is just the nature of the business. Some buyers just can’t be bothered to leave reviews. I also have a sentence in my delivery message that reminds my customers to leave reviews. Don’t be disheartened, it takes patience and time to get some momentum going. Keep your nose to the grindstone.




Just a little update on this, I have begun adding a paragraph to the bottom of my gigs thanks @voiceoverwork fingers crossed it seems to be working.



Right on!


With the folk who left you a negative. You can offer them a refund. When they accept it, the negative feedback will be removed.


I have to say I agree with you completely. The feedback system really needs to be reviewed and revised. It’s far to easy for stingy buyers to cheat their way to free products and services by threatening leaving a bad review unless they are given a refund AFTER the final product/service is delivered - thus getting the service for free. Both Fiverr and the sellers loses out and in addition it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the seller who probably already is over delivering.

When you get negative feedback you jump all over it, either offering the person an additional gig free of charge, or a refund (I NEVER EVER refund if I’ve already delivered the product.). Unfortunately this scenario happens ALL the time. Leave a piece of negative feedback on a popular gig and see if that person doesn’t try to come to an “agreement”.

It is not fair when you get a negative review just because your buyer is greedy about his money.

I’ve only been a member for a month, roughly, but I have been browsing quite a lot on various forums, where several sellers share their information on this type of behavior, which seems to be rather common, and unfortunately, all too often, sellers are afraid of getting negative reviews, and instead of standing their ground they comply. The problem with refunding to avoid negative feedback is that you train people to demand refunds.

Now - I’ve just ignored if people threaten me with bad reviews, I still don’t refund as I consider the work being done and delivered. Fine, leave a bad review but it’ll only make you look stupid (as most of the time they have NOTHING to criticise other than not having been given a free product!). REally, check out my gigs and my reviews …

I’d recommend you to try my approach


If the gig is bad or the description is not clear then I understand a bad feedback.

Giving the seller no other recourse except to refund(after trying to satisfy the buyer “needs”), does give one the impression of training those 10% who will game the system. The buyer rating needs to have the same system rating defaults applied.

Trouble with it is 1 negative feedback from a grumpy buyer for that day, wrecks all your hard work. Hopefully they will agree to a refund/free gig as that is part of the cost of being on Fiverr… free stuff! :slight_smile:

I am making money and glad I am a seller on fiverr so its ok just gets frustrating at times.