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Becoming the best seller category with 3 sales

Hello everyone, I hope you are fine. My question is, I look at sellers from time to time. They are included in the best sellers section with 2 or 3 sales. Just like the picture

How is this happening? Thank you

Note: The seller has only one gig

Maybe there is less competition in that category that you are searching.

I search the video editing category. Video & Animation > Video Editing. (1.185 Services in Best Selling, 37.679 Services in Recommended)

There are some spots reserved for sellers with a lot of orders and which deliver fast. However, the algorithm also picks new gigs at random, gigs that have potential. They are also cycling gigs, so you won’t always see the same stuff again and again. It’s the way the system works so it can offer exposure to newcomers. As a best selling gig creator myself, I do find it strange to see gigs with 10-50 reviews rank there, but that’s the way it is I guess.


The algorithm works strange. There is an unedited video in the video of this concert. Also the seller is always offline