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Been a week! No buyers *Sigh*

Hi everyone.
New fiverr seller here. So i have already read quite alot of fiverr forum posts about what i am going to ask here. But i just wanted to kinda vent on my own a lil’ haha. I have
been on here for more than a week now n have yet to get an order. My art is quite appreciated on instagram and i did use alot of it to like get potential buyers here because before my fiverr account everyone kept asking for like commissions and stuff but now nothing! Getting really disappointed and patience is an all time low right now. Any helpful suggestions or gig’s tweaks would be appreciated.

I would recommend going through buyer requests and trying to secure buyers through there. I think it was about a year before I started getting regular work, and about two before I got enough work to earn a moderate income. It takes time and patience. But going through the buyer requests will help you build up that base faster. The more work you do the more work you get. Good luck!

If you have a popular insta channel, use that to get eyeballs. If you’re impatient after a week and haven’t made any effort at promotion and haven’t got any orders despite being lazy, this may not work out for you.

It’s been almost 3 weeks and no sales for me… and I’m a level 2 seller… Fiverr is starting to lose its popularity…

use buyer request page …

It’s going to take a lot longer than one week to get started here on Fiverr. I suppose you hear stories of people signing up and having a full queue of orders within a day, but I think that is the exception rather than the rule.

Don’t be fulled by the illusion of Fiverr success. It comes with a lot of hard work and effort.

… and time.

Yeah I try to do that everyday. Hope i get an order soon. Thankyou for your genuine suggestions :slight_smile:

Thats true. I mean all over this forum all i keep reading are the fiverr success stories and it kinda gets to you. Il try to stay patient.

hi there was a server problems with fiver last while, i been on fiver a while , normally i am swamped with sales, this past month was slow for that reason, so it should get better soon

Yeah i did hear about that too. Could be it. I hope u get ur sales back to ur original level or even better :slight_smile:

I tried. Couldn’t find one single request that is related to my services. Fiverr is dying out.

I had the same issue 2 weeks before.i also posted on this foRum like you…magically i got 4 orders withing 2 days after that…sure you will get orders soon…best thing is patient…

Try you instagram account to promote yourself here and to attract buyers. The next thing is when sending requests as for now try to keep the lowest amount and also write an attractive proposal. Promotion and buyer requests are your best friends at the moment. I hope you’ll get big orders soon. Never lose hope and Keep trying

We are both in the same shoe, I think we gonna have to be patient and work harder.

I’ve gotten more orders in the past week than I did in 3 weeks before. Fiverr has ebb and flow like all sites and it takes hard work to sell. Fiverr is not dying out but it is growing. Sellers who aren’t competing hard enough may die out.

I could list 20 profiles easily with 5-25 orders in queue. There are lots more that I can’t list but could find. That’s not indicative to Fiverr death. Silliness.

Hi @mistah_j have you tried to advertise your gig on my fiverr gigs section on the forum. Try it

Also, try other tags for your gig

Awwwnn m so happy for u :slight_smile:
Havent had any luck so far but finger’s crossed :slight_smile: Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hey! cyra26…you must just hang in there a little longer,try fine tuning your gig ask experienced sellers in your category how they did it.
It took me almost 3 months before i got my first sale.I’d say you pound on the door of the buyer request section that way you have direct contact with potential buyers,just keep at it never give up the orders will come there is a place for all of us…hope you find success soon:)

@fonthaunt, 20 profiles with orders on a site with over 5,000 sellers? Yes, that’s what I call ‘dying out’.