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Been a while on fiverr, didn't get any works

Its been a while on fiverr. i didnt got any works yet, what should i do…, Should i change anything…, please help me

Create multiple gigs and write explanatory details about your gig. That might work

I believe that if i was the buyer, i’d feel upset by the amount of time i have to wait for my order. 14 days for 22 slides seems too long. Consider reducing the time factor. Rest is great!


I just looked at your gig, and one thing I would suggest is making a video that shows an example of a great power point presentation that you’ve made. Maybe you could create a 1 minute power point presentation on why buyers should work with you, and how your services are unique. That way they can see the work you do, while you get the chance to give them more reasons to work with you! I think that would help a bunch!


I appreciate all of your answers . You both have strong points and I will manage something to change . Thank you for the time you put in to answer me .

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good job i want try this