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Been bullied and accused of being racist? OMG what a shocker?


I just need to let rip and this seems like the right place.

I was contacted by a buyer wanting some information about one of my gigs which I gave and I also said to send me the article to check before ordering even though it says it on my gig description too. He then asks me for a better price via message and I said I don’t offer better rates.

Then he orders without sending me the article to check and it is not suitable for my website at all. I gave some different options with my pricing to write something appropriate and I also suggested that the article be published on another of my websites since it won’t suit that website. He then proceeds to badger me for better prices.

I told him once again my prices stand and that if he wants to get a guest post published cheaper there are hundreds, if not thousands of sellers here that will do the job for $5.

He then proceeds to call me a racist and says he is going to report ME to customer support.

Ok so I am now 6 months into selling on Fiverr and I have had my first really rotten, awful experience. Up until now it has been loads of fun and I have enjoyed myself.

However this has really gotten to me now, it is one thing insulting my work if perhaps I have done something wrong is something I can handle. Being pushed and then called a racist when I don’t budge is something else entirely that makes me feel sick.

This has put a damper on my day :cry:


Don’t give it a second thought Lynne.

This is what they were aiming for - to make you feel bad and perhaps to manipulate you into doing what they asked. You are better off without that client.
I would also suggest reporting it to Trust and Safety.


We’re you contacted by a buyer or seller? :smirk:

  • Be thankful for all the positive reviews you have!
  • Be thankful for how accomplished you are!

Don’t let this deter your path to becoming an even greater seller!


Thank you for your support @eoinfinnegan it really was awful. Well people can push me as much as they like, it won’t change a thing.I won’t publish things I don’t feel are suitable on my websites for any amount of money.

The order is now cancelled but the upset still lingers. The worst for me is that I come from South Africa, where there is huge political unrest and I grew up in a country rife with racism. It was quite the insult to hurl at me!


Umm yeah I must be really upset to call him a seller @thecreativeguys LOL. I just edited that…

Thank you for the boost. Yes I have lots of positive reviews :slight_smile: I had to run across one rotten buyer at some stage right?


Your member’s only jacket is on the way.

It happens to all of us at one time or another…an unprofessional individual pops into your gig and ruins your day.
Don’t let it. It’s the nature of freelance. You will come across idiots that feel better attempting to make you feel bad. Shake it off, move on, keep on gigging!

I had a buyer tell me that I was racist because I didn’t use any people of color in a video. It was ANIMATED.
I directed him to my profile image and told him that I was as black at 1am…(silence).

Good times!


You’re always gonna have one bonehead now and again. It’s obviously his issue. You’ve been having great experiences and it seems he’s the exception. He’s just an angry person. He got you riled up once. If you stay mad all day, he wins twice. So understand an angry customer now and again will happen.


Thank you @markusvoice I am feeling so much better now! I won’t let it get to me any more.


@mikeimburgia you are a star, thank you for pointing that out to me. You are so right and I won’t be giving it any more of my time or attention.

Funnily enough 5 minutes after this I had a buyer ask for my url of my blog and then say “ok great, just make it $5 and I’ll place an order right now”.

It’s almost like he sent a friend in afterwards just to do that LOL. People are funny.


Is that really possible, i mean when something gets to you it gets to you. You can pretend not to care and remain diplomatic and professional but if it got to you its still in there somewhere in a box with limited space.


In this situation, what I mean is that Lynne shouldn’t be second guessing herself or wondering if she did something wrong.


I think you handled this situation exactly right. Good for you for standing your ground and shame on him for accusing you of something so horrible. I’m sorry that you had that experience :frowning:


Just get over it. Every time someone calls me a racist I have a look at my friends who are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Atheist (you name it) and then I’m good. This even holds when a person of this race or whereabouts just tried to screw me. Happens a lot with people from certain regions, but still, I’m not a racist.


Take a deep breath! It’s ok. You are NOT alone in having this happen. Unfortunately, this world is full of negatives like this. So be the positive to cancel them out. If you need a reason or two to stay positive about yourself and your work…just look at your profile pic and I see one very bright and shining one there. As well, your profile already has positive reviews so you are obviously good at what you do.

I have had negative nellies like this and I’m sorry but I am here to make a living as the sole provider for my family, not have a yard sale for my hard work and neither are you. Just because it’s Fiverr most think it’s like McDonald’s, cheap and low quality so no need to pay the price they should be paying. This isn’t a yard sale!

Stick to your guns on your prices girl as that is your policy. You work hard, provide a quality product and deserve to be paid top dollar and frankly I’d raise your rates for what you provide. If the Fiverr buyers don’t like it, they can go to the lower quality gigs and see the difference. They’ll be back or they won’t but either way you’re day will be happy and productive.

Smile and keep on keeping on and if you need to vent at any time about a buyer…message me anytime. Continue to be the quality seller you already are!

PS: I’m going to favorite your gig and send you positive, warm, happy vibes to brighten your day.



At this point you should have cancelled the order. Don’t accept badgering. It means he is being unacceptable as a buyer and will continue to be a problem. You need to spot a problem buyer quickly and end the sale immediately rather than continuing on with him. It always goes downhill from there.

I would have immediately requested a mutual cancellation if someone badgered me. Clearly this person intends to be a problem and an annoyance.


(HUG) Lynne that sounds like an awful experience and I’m sure it would bother me, too. Just my personal thinking: I bet this buyer has said this to a bunch of sellers. It sounds like he was just bullying you to try to get what he wants.


No you can’t pretend not to care when you do, I do agree with you there @mgjohn78 :slight_smile: But after getting over the initial upset and looking at the situation with a calm frame of mind I can only pity him.

The fact is that he was pushing me to do something I wasn’t happy with and for less money, yet he still says my websites aren’t good enough. Then why keep badgering me, why not just go to another seller with a “better offer”?

Clearly he really wanted my gig but couldn’t afford it.


Yes I totally agree with you @misscrystal. When I received the order I gave a list of options including canceling the gig… perhaps I should have canceled straight away and saved myself the upset.


Thank you @pheonixdesign1 :slight_smile: I really appreciate the support and kind words! It has made this negative into a positive.

@thecla_tech you are right, it is such a low blow. And I will work on having a thicker skin. I guess I got complacent having had such an awesome time for 6 months with no problems. Instead of thinking it won’t happen to me I should have realized my time is coming since I had such a smooth ride so far!