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Been conned, order canceled by Fivver, need to leave feedback

Need some help please.
I wanted a book proof read, the fivver seller said a $1 per 1000 words, I said I would gladly pay 4 times that much, she agreed.
I sent the book pdf.
3 weeks later I hear nothing, it goes past the date due and fivver tells me to contact her because it’s late.
I do, she doesn’t reply, she has been active as i can see other projects she’s finished within the week.
I sent a message to Fivver saying I’m worried, this person could release my book in her name, or blackmail me for money or she will put my book on the internet for everyone to see.
Fivver wrote back and just gave a the lame response which didn’t even address my concerns.

No I want to leave negative feedback to the woman, because I’ve wasted 3 weeks, I now don’t trust fivver and I feel angry and let down, other people like me need to know that the woman is happy to drop you like a tonne of bricks.
But now that Fivver has cancelled my order, I can’t see anyway to leave feedback.
Which makes me think the whole site is a scam, not allowing feedback on a cancelled ordered due to the fivver woman, means that only positive feedback is left when they complete an order.

Anyone know how I can leave feedback?

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They do allow feedback on late orders.
After 48 hours if the order is late you can automatically cancel the order with a 1 star review.

However if you go through CS and asking them to cancel the order then you loose your right to rate their work because technically nothing was delivered.

On top of that all cancelled orders affect sellers statistics, their rating, potentially how many orders they get and they can also loose their level.


Thanks, I wasn’t given the chance to cancel it myself.

I complained to fivver after they had told me it’s late, I said I’m worried this seller has my private book, they then cancelled the order.

So the seller now has my private book, get’s away with no feedback left.
Thank you for letting me know about their statistics, but as a new buyer I just looked at their feedback, didn’t really know anything about levels, just read the feedback.

The sad part is, I offered the seller a lot more money, also said if she does a good job, I have a book that’s already out but could do with some proof reading, so I offered her another job.

Not sure if I should risk asking another seller to proof read :frowning:

Thanks once again for the quick reply.

Then it might’ve worth to give it extra 24 hours especially after 3 weeks of waiting :wink:

Fiverr send the message immediately the same minute the clock stop and after that in 24-48 you are given the option to cancel it automatically. So I guess fiverr CS cancelled the order before 24-48 hours after the order was marked as late.

Anyway none of this is making a seller look better. It’s still quite unprofessional to miss a deadline without any notice (she might’ve not reply a message also due to a time zone)


I don’t have much in way of good advice to offer regarding Fiverr. I’m just sorry that happened to you.

I understand the fear that comes with trusting others with such valuable intellectual property. :frowning:

My best advice would be to either release it as soon as you can or, if it needs more revising, see about registering your work with your nearest writer’s guild. It’s not the same as a copyright, but it is a way of solidifying it as your personal work since the guild will have a record of it if anything happens.


Thank you both for your kind words.

I’m lucky in a way, the book is based of a very low budget film I made in 2002, The Weinstein Company have contacted me about remaking it for cinema, thus why I’ve turned it into a book to see if I can capitalise on it.
So it can be proved its my story.
I notice that tinker_jet also proof reads, sorry I can’t tell if [mariashtelle1] does.

I’ll pm you tinker_jet.


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you can’t leave feedbacks to cancelled order , it’s not normal if you got your $ back,reading the rules might help you out in the future.

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@ianrobert525 That is definitely lucky.

Another thing you can do to protect yourself in future similar projects would be to hire a prospective seller to do only one chapter, then hire them to do the rest if you’re happy with their work. :slight_smile:

That way, if things fall through, sure, it still sucks, but there isn’t much the seller can do with only one chapter. :woman_shrugging:


Yikes! I should have read the whole thread before PMing you. Hope things work out for you and tinker_jet :blush:

To have your hard work stolen is every writer’s nightmare. I really hope this works out for you.

I second this. Also, in one of the buyer’s request, I saw the author added that the proofreader will have to sign an NDA before he would send them his book for proofreading. So maybe that would be a good idea to help protect a writer’s work from getting stolen too.

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