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Been Demoted? Think Fiverr Systems Could be Tweaked? Let's Brainstorm Suggestions Here

Following St. Level’s Day, I thought it would be useful to have a thread that collects together suggestions for improvement to the metrics we’re currently being measured on.

I have a contact in Fiverr (a manager in the customer success team) who I am in fairly regular contact with. If we can get together a good collection of suggestions, I will collate them and send them over to her. In turn, I am sure she will pass the best ones over to the development team for consideration in Fiverr updates.

Some suggestions / requests on how to respond:

  • Please focus only on practical suggestions for improvement. This isn’t the place to complain about demotion - there are other places you can do that.
  • Only make suggestions based on areas that impact the criteria for automatic promotion / demotion - Response Rate, Order Completion Rate, On Time Delivery, Overall Rating.
  • The best ideas are those that are practical to implement, and will help to enhance the reputation of the Fiverr platform as a whole.
  • Feel free to offer suggestions on ideas others have proposed to improve them.

OK, so I have a few to kick off with.

Don’t Count Spam Communications in the Response Rate Measurement
This seems like a given. at the moment, even a communication from a blocked, spam seller has to be responded to within 24 hours. My suggestion is to simply remove communications from spam sellers from the response rate calculation.

Let Sellers Set “Availability Times” and Only Measure Response Rates During Those Times
I don’t want to have to respond within 24 hours, no matter when a message is sent. My suggestion would be to let sellers set availability - e.g. 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday, and only calculate response times within those windows. Outside of those windows, maybe your gigs don’t show, or the buyer gets a notification of when they can expect a response (based on your availability window). This could work like a mini “vacation mode.”

Show the Messages that Have Not Been Responded To
Provide an “unresponded to” message option in the Fiverr communications system so that sellers can quickly and easily review the messages they still need to respond to.

Allow Sellers X Number of Mutual Cancellations that Don’t Impact Order Completion Rate
Sometimes cancellations happen through no fault of the seller. Allow a seller a certain number of “free passes” for mutual cancellations - this could be based on level, number of successfully completed orders, etc. everything else about the order cancellation would apply as it does now, but it would not impact on Order Completion Rate or On Time Delivery.

Provide an Option to Automatically Extend Delivery Time
At the moment, any revisions, resolution center updates, etc, apply to the original date of an order and the timescales you gave for completion. I propose an update that tags days onto the end of the original delivery date, and also a resolution center amendment that lets you click a single button to request additional time to complete an order. The buyer would still need to agree to the extension, and you might only be able to do this X number of times, similar to the mutual cancellation suggestion above.

Provide More Detailed Analytics on Why We Are Not Meeting Fiverr Goals
Sometimes its a mystery why our measures go down. My suggestion would be to let us dig into the analytics a little more to find out what problems casued a drop in ratings. For example, if we don’t have a perfect response rate, perhaps the system could let us know what messages we failed to respond to.

Over to you - what do you think about these ideas, and do you have any of your own to add? I will let this thread run for a week or so before collating responses and sending them over to my CS contact.



We can adjust delivery time and set a limit to allowed orders in queue per gig.

What has been asked for often and still is needed in the categories that didn´t get it yet, is a drop-down for sellers to limit how many gig multiples buyers can buy - it doesn´t help to set the allowed orders limit low if any buyer simply can order xx(x) multiples of a gig. It makes zero sense that we can´t limit that.

Also, it would be great if we could set the allowed orders in queue number separately for the 3 options of each gig - we may be able to take 10 orders for the basic gig anytime, while 2 orders of the premium gig would already be too much.


Those are all great suggestions!
It doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes I get an order with no instructions or a buyer who is asking for way more work than they paid for. I message them right away to clarify, but when you get no response for days there’s nothing to do except cancel the order. And it’s unfortunate that such a thing would negatively affect my rating as a seller. I have very detailed questions in my requirements section, yet some buyers will still ignore the requirements and order anyway. It would be great if Fiverr had more protection for sellers in these cases!

Anyway, I agree 100% will all your suggestions! :+1:t3:


Good input.

And please, Lets ask fiverr to give us an option so buyers cant just pop a 5$ order for something that’s going to be around 250$ or more and will say " oh sorry, i thought it was 5$. Please let me cancel. ".

That has become a major problem for me and i had to cancel hundreds of mistaken 5$ gigs within 2017 alone.

I mean, why cant there be a system limit to tell a buyer that…

" Please note - You will need to discuss with the seller prior ordering anything "

Suggestions? :slight_smile:


They should revert to the old system, where mutual cancellations didn’t have any bad effects. Back then it was also possible to get rid of unfair feedback.

Another option is to make the new requirements less strict. One red line shouldn’t mean a demotion. But 2 or 3 red lines could, as then the seller can most likely affect things. Usually 1 red line can be a buyer’s doing, and a seller shouldn’t get punished for that.


Allow Sellers X Number of Mutual Cancellations that Don’t Impact Order Completion Rate.
This is a fair suggestion, since the buyer gets fully refunded. The seller should not be impacted too.

Provide an Option to Automatically Extend Delivery Time
Yes, sometimes the seller needs more info about the work. and the buyer might not respond or extend delivery time within deadline. An option to extend deliver if the buyer doesn’t answer additional questions within a time limit will be good.


Limit the number of modifications a buyer can request.

No matter how many modifications you allow per order, a buyer can keep requesting them indefinitely, even if you clearly state that an additional modification will cost extra. Some buyers use this to hold sellers ‘hostage’ until they can get what they want, be it free or additional work they never paid for.

If you have a maximum of two modifications allowed, then the buyer should only be able to send two, after which, they would have to pay your cost to send an additional request for modification.

I realize some sellers might try to abuse this by re-delivering with no changes or no file attached, but in that case the penalty could be a strike against their account or lower ratings if customer service sees that the issue is on their part. That is just a suggestion, however. Maybe there would be a better way to handle that.


My demotion was purely down to late delivery times…but the most i was ever over a deadline was an hour or two at most. Each of the cases were due to orders coming from the US and because of the time i work the 24 hour delivery was just too short. But whenever it happened the buyer was always informed and i never had anyone complain or take issue with it - in fact most said to take my time which would actually mean going further over the time if i had done as they said - and all were still happy which is the most important thing to me. I would say though, as most gigs are sold as “days” and not “hours” then i would like to see gig deliveries be based on the date of activation rather than the minute. This would help very much with international orders.


I think all the points outlined in the OP are exactly what most if not all sellers want to see.

All I will add is:

Make it impossible for an order to be placed in the event that a buyer doesn’t supply any order details.

Really, the fact that this happens at all is equivocal to Amazon taking payment for an order prior to a buyer entering their address details. Much more importantly, this is the number one reason behind the majority of Catch 22 cancellation requests from buyers.


Allow sellers to go on vacation for up to 30-days and not be penalized with a level demotion in the event that lower order volumes result in lower orders completed and response rate metrics.

It is simply not practical to expect any seller to never need to take a vacation. I have 30-days in the US this year and at present, it’s looking like I will take 30-days off work and return to Fiverr as a new seller. That is just insulting.


Is this actually what will happen? But your gigs will be paused…

oh I see, so no orders will come in for 30 days but you will still have the same number of late or cancelled orders, oh! Wait this can’t be right?

The late and cancelled orders will scroll off the timeline in that 30 days, at least the older ones.


there is one huge flaw in the system:

mutual cancellations. (and how they count towards our KPI)
Same goes for chargebacks. How are we as sellers responsible?
There should be a lower threashold, or some types of cancellations should not count towards our stats.

Everyone is vulnerable to malicious attacks right now, and even if I don’t take things that far,
1-3 buyers who order by mistake per month are enough to bring down even a TRS.


I agree with all of these suggestions, Paul! Great thought to gather and share user input on how to improve the system!

I know it isn’t necessarily on this thread, but I read on one of the threads recently about making people take some type of basic writing tests before someone can set up a writing gig. Upwork has a number of different writer competency tests, and it really improves the quality of gigs. Being a writer, I would be in favor of something similar here on Fiverr.

Thanks for taking the initiative to write this post, Paul.



Building on this, I think that for every gig / custom offer you should be able to alter the amount of additional time provided per revision.

Sometimes for more complex gigs, I need 3 - 4 days for 1 revision, so allowing buyers to set a custom revision delivery time extension would be useful.

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Well I wasn’t demoted, but I didn’t deliver 1 late order during the 60 day period and I had only 92% delivered on time.

I contacted Fiverr support and they said I had 13 late orders during this period, I can 100% guarantee that I didn’t have any late orders.

There were orders that buyers did not fill out the order for right, so I requested extra time and information. There are also orders I requested extra time on, and I delivered those all on time.

It is 100% possible that some of you who got demoted, didn’t deserve to be demoted.

If an order is late and you request added time and the buyer agrees, this 100% should not be counted as late, otherwise what is the request extra time for.


I spoke to CS about messages with regards to “Level Status” stats last week. The CS provided this information without asking and said hitting “report” on a spam message is seen as a response by Fiverr. Knowing that I’m more inclined to report the message verses ignoring it. It helps everyone else out that that spammer is trying to reach out to.


Mutual cancellations (any cancellation for that matter) has always had a negative effect on a Sellers account from inside Fiverr’s system. Unless you ask CS directly you’d never know, but all cancellations regardless of reason have always been factored into your account when it comes to becoming or losing TRS.

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Order completion rate, on-time delivery and rating are all standards based on the total number of orders, over the course of 60 days.
There are sellers who can’t offer very low-priced services and still their gigs are showing up among low-priced gigs.
For example, if I sell my gig for $20 and my competitor sells his gig for $5 (different service but same category), it will be harder for me to maintain my level standards than it will be for him.
Let’s say that over the course of 60 days, we both earned $100 by selling our gigs.
In this case I will be having 5 orders and my competitor will have 20.
Now, let’s say that we both had to cancel one order.
In this case my completion rate will be at 80% and his will be at 95%.
Let’s assume that we both were level 2 sellers and I’ve been demoted to level 1.

Level 1, just like level 2 has the very same standards to maintain.
Once I have been demoted to level 1, if I don’t do anything about my 80% completion rate which was the reason of losing my level 2 badge, I also won’t be able to maintain level 1 standards and I will lose level 1 at the next evaluation.

Assuming that as a level 1 seller I will get enough orders, it will still take me more effort to get my level 2 back, than what in this case will take to my competitor.
I will have to struggle 4 times harder.

Now, imagine selling your gig for a much greater price than 20. Buyers may not be that generous in offering you 5 star rating, you won’t have that many orders, delivering such orders will take weeks or months. It will take quite a while to level up.

The solution will be to break orders up to smaller orders, you may think…but except the fact that it doesn’t seems very professional to me, it will be against fiverr tos.
That will be considered manipulating the system and may cause your account to gather a warning for that act.
That’s what they told me at CS.


I literally love all of your suggestions, especially the “Availability Times” suggestion (I always seem to get messages at 5am my time, and don’t even see them until 9am), and Extended Delivery Time suggestion (!!! SO necessary!).

As a Level Two seller who was demoted solely due to On-Time Delivery, I think they if they will not implement something like the extending suggestion, they should change the criteria from simply “on-time delivery” to a criteria that takes buyer satisfaction into account in relation to a late order. In my opinion, there’s a BIG difference between a seller who turns in an order three days late, inconveniences the buyer, and receives a bad review, and a buyer who turns in an order 2-3 hours late simply because they were taking extra time to complete the order. There is no difference in the current system, even though I feel like a 5-star rating, great review, and a tip is a much different situation than a 1-star review/buyer cancellation. Even a demotion/promotion system based on reviews would be better. Something that takes performance into account, versus a lot of these minuscule things that, at times, we don’t have control over.

I feel like this promotion/demotion system as it is now has penalized a lot of good sellers. I unfortunately have, even since the beginning, operated on Fiverr with the viewpoint that Fiverr doesn’t care as much for its sellers than it does for its buyers. I wish that would change. I hope that Fiverr takes more suggestions into account - if sellers felt more like they were working with Fiverr as a team, rather than against the intricacies of their system, it’d be a better and more lucrative environment.


Let Sellers Set “Availability Times” and Only Measure Response Rates During Those Times

I really love this suggestion Paul. We all get requests while we sleep and can’t hope to respond. I have QR set up, but can it be done automatically?


Yes this would eliminate the problem for me. When you get 50 messages per day there is always at least one that I can’t see that was never answered. I absolutely check several times per day my list of messages but still one always manages to escape my notice. The way it is set up, we can’t see messages that need a response if we get so many per day.