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Been Fiverr for 5 months in Video Editing and had 4 orders with very good review

So I have been in Fiverr for about 5 months, with an average of 1 order per month. I have satisfied all the buyers till now and have got good ratings. But the frequency has been too low. My priority is always to satisfy the buyers and provide them the best I can give. Keeping this in mind, how can I improve my gig?

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Different services have different levels of demand.

I wish every one of my gigs got an order a month, but they don’t. Some gigs get orders every two or three months, some gigs might get 10 to 20 orders a month. It varies.

Your poster or banner gig has potential. But when I search “poster” this is what I find:

design 80s retro poster

manually create you an obama hope poster campaign

create a movie poster for you

I suggest you find a niche for the poster gig. Search on Fiverr for ideas and inspiration. Don’t steal, maybe 80s posters aren’t your thing, maybe you’re more into the 90s or advertising posters or love posters, Bollywood posters, etc.