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Been gone a while and came back to negative feedback

Back in January 2011 I was writing testimonials and did pretty good. I had to suddenly abandon my work due to a really bad heart condition and was in the hospital a while. Since I’ve been doing other things to keep me busy, along with getting married and having a child, and recently decided to start my testimonial service again. I came back and I had some negative feedback and realized that while I had disappeared some orders were not completed that were requested while I was away. So I now have these negative stars which are affecting my appearance to new potential customers.

Should I just start a brand new account and work from the bottom? Is there a way to turn this around? Thanks guys!

Your profile looks great. If I were a buyer, I wouldn’t hesitate. On the other hand, I’m not sure how the Fiverr algorithm works. If you’re rated 3-stars, you might not get as much traffic. Also, you don’t have a lot to lose by starting fresh. No + feedback showing or levels. I would be tempted to start over, but would probably inform CS. Under normal circumstances, they may not be ok with someone starting a new account due to feedback. Although in your case, I think they should agree since it was 2011 and you have a compelling reason.