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Been here for five months yet no order and only 30 impressions. :(

Hey guys. I’ve been on the platform for about 5 months now and I haven’t received a single order yet. I have no idea why and it is kind of disheartening to be frank. I really dunno what am I doing wrong and any suggestion to improve it would be greatly appreciated! I tried taking advantage of buyers request but I don’t have any offers. Please do help me out. :frowning:


LISTEN, create more gigs, share social media, and most of the important thing SEND PERFECT BUYER REQUEST don’t use template. that’s it


In taking just a general look at your profile, I can tell you that first of all you should make more than one gig. Having just one gig limits your visibility to buyers, and by taking advantage of all of the gigs you can make, you have a better chance of getting more impressions and landing a client. I would also invest in creating better gig images, as the one you have is not particularly eye catching, nor would I be able to pick your gig out of a crowd of similar gigs.

I also noticed that you put your one gig as having unlimited revisions: never do this. This is just asking for a troublesome buyer to come along and take advantage of your low rate and ask for way too many revisions. Your time is valuable, so set a limit. Personally I think 1, maybe 2, is acceptable.

I would give more advice, but I don’t exactly specialize in your field. But from personal experience this is what I could gather. Just keep making new gigs, better your existing gig, see what sticks, and definitely keep taking advantage of buyer requests. It took me months to get my first order, so don’t give up hope. Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the feedback. Issue is, I don’t have any Buyer’s Request, which is weird, I think.

Thanks a lot for all the feedback. I’ll make the changes right away. Honestly, I dunno what kinda gigs I should offer.

you can improve you gig image,title,url as seo related

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Honestly, I did make a couple of changes but it’s of no use. :frowning: