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Been here for year, no buyers

I’ve been here for almost a year but I didn’t get any sales at all.
What am I doing wrong?


are you advertising your gigs or just waiting the buyers to come?

if its the second option, then this is the answer.


No, I also tried advertising… But where are good places to advertise?

I can’t find your gigs or profile?
Are you sure your gigs are active?

your gig active all fiverr buyyer and seller find a gig and order for u


I couldn’t find your profile with Fiverr Searh Engine?
Maybe there is something wrong?


  1. Complete your profiles desciption
  2. Gigs thumbnail is not attractive…, add more thumbnail too ( you can add three thumbnail)
  3. For new seller…, try to be consistant on what you offer…, and some of your gigs is not needed today, better to delete it…,
  4. Gigs description is poor
  5. No faqs?
  6. Put your actual photo at the profile picture, it could build “trust” feeling for potential buyer

Sorry for this., but with your current state…, it won’t able to attract any buyer…, it’s just look unprofessional

Good luck,

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