Been on fiverr for months but had no sale


Hi, I’ve been on fiverr for months and I’ve been having impressions and clicks but no sale. :pensive: What do I do to get sales? Please any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


Lower your prices to give yourself a kickstart?


Thanks, my price was on $5 for over three months but no luck. Should I still go back to that?



Thank you @vickiespencer


All your questions are also answered over at the Fiverr Academy.


Hello Caccuzzy,

I looked at all your gigs, and these are my observations:

In the "I will do web research,data entry, data processing" Gig you wrote “Platinium” instead of “Platinum”.
In a description of a “Premium” package. That’s a bit ironic.

All your pictures have too high compression, they are full of JPG artifacts and all blurred.
Upload pictures of higher size, since Fiverr compresses them anyway: this is the origin of the problem.

I believe that, except for the Gig dedicated to the content writing, you’re offering services by simply mixing toghether a bit of everything.

Many of your services either overlap the functions of some kind of software or aren’t worth the hassle of hiring someone, thousands of miles away, and of explaining to her or to him the details of the task.

Keep in mind your timezone. If you are a virtual assistant it’s likely that your customer is expecting an almost immediate feedback, and you can provide this only to people in your same time zone: Africa and Central Europe.

So you have two audiences stacked vertically, and those may reveal as quite different in terms of spending capacity and approach.
This can be a problem when you need to decide what to offer, and at what price.

Then, try to put yourself in the customer’s clothes.

Great, I am now committed to paid some or several bucks to let my document be processed by a complete stranger.

Wait, I haven’t even purchased that. I’ve purchased a number of “hours”.
But a number of hours of what? What is equal to an hour?
One hundred, five hundred, one thousand of lines of a spreadsheet or of a text document?

Anyway, let’s keep going on.
Now I also need to explain comprehensively to that person what to do.
Then I will have to wait patiently that my document cames back.

And if it does came back, will I be able to use it straight away?
At least I will need to check that it has no errors.

And if I spot one or more errors, I would then think “It would have instead been better to do all this by myself”.

The other option is: “Let’s send it back for a revision. I can ask an unlimited number of those”.

And now the document is returned to you, and you need to pause your workflow, and fix all the errors, and send it back.
And it’s possible that the document will be delivered when there will be no more need of it.

Now, the point to have a virtual assistant is to assign a task that it’s not convenient to do in first person and get a predictable result in a short amount of time. Otherwise I don’t need to hire a virtual assistant, someone that I don’t even know.

Stating to be very good at a job does not grant any sale, because everybody say this.
I have yet to see someone writing “I’m pretty bad at this, but whatever, I’m doing this for money”.

My final suggestion is that you should study carefully the requests that you receive daily in the “Buyer requests” section.

Find and understand what buyers are actually asking, and take note of their budgets.
Then reshape your Gigs accordingly, and offer in each one of them a specialized service, not a generic one.


Thanks a million! Your response was really helpful.:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


try finding work in buyer requests