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Been on fiverr since 2017 yet still no sales, am i doing something wrong?

I’ve been on the Explainer Animation Videos niche here on fiverr since last year, i think 70$ / minute for a custom animation is a great deal and i’m pretty confident about my skills. I also post my intro video required for the gig and i think its a pretty good video too, but i’m getting zero sales.

Here’s the link to my gig :

My impressions and views is bad, for the last month i only got zero views and a few impressions. Please give me some advice.
I’m considering deleting and repost the gig, would that help ?
Please, let me know what you think.

Thank You


I don’t think deleting the gig would solve anything.

Unfortunately when you don’t have reviews, you’ll find that people are generally unwilling to spend money on your services, especially if it’s more than $5. I’d recommend offering a gig where you do a small amount of work for $5, and then start building reviews from there. That way you’ll at least be able to build up a reputation that will make people more willing to trust you with more pricey projects.


Hi, thanks for the reply @somaginer1996 !
I did consider doing what you recommend at one point, but i don’t think that lowering the price would be able to generate sales. I mean, i only got a total of three views for the past seven days so i don’t think that price is the issue.

But if its working, why not ?
I’ve got no problem lowering the price if it gets me some reviews.

I’m sorry to hear this! Your gig video is great, I really do like it. Perhaps you can open up several other gigs instead, maybe just offer like 10 secs of animation on those, or if you’re willing to do commissions that would be awesome too, just so you can start generating some more interest to your account. Also are you sending buyer requests every day?

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Yes, as a matter of fact i actually did check buyer request everyday. sadly, its empty for most of the time. In February i only got ten if i remember correctly and i can’t do most of it. there’s new regulations for buyer request from fiverr that states “new seller will get less request” something like that.

Thanks for the ideas by the way @mabelma :slight_smile:
I’ll try it.

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Yeah, that’s a new thing but just be active on your account. I’m not sure how it works exactly yet, but refresh it several times throughout the day and you’ll see more requests.

Hello @nisestudio - I would suggest you to add proper gig title which is not more than 5 words and covers within 2 lines.
Add 3 price rates on your Gig. Start off with 5$ and Delivery 1 day, then increase price and delivery time on normal and premium category.

Make sure to add proper tag to your Gig which fits your service properly.
Then View your gig for a few times yourself, and then let it stay for a week. You will surely get some impression and Views.


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Hi @mefaheem, thank you for the tips :slight_smile:

Update :
I deleted my gig and make a new one with slight changes, the video is still waiting for approval.
So far i searched my gig and its not showing in any of the pages. i have tried specific searches too, still nothing.

For now i’ll wait for the videos to get approved, then i’ll try again. if its still not showing i’ll contact CS.

Thank you for the advice, i’ll keep you guys updated.

I’m sorry to hear that…I hope you start generating money soon

Your impressions are declining because you’re not getting orders. You’re not getting orders because your prices are too high compared to your competition. You have a great video and if you’re not using any templates then it’s definitely worth the money, but it’s difficult to trust a new seller without any reviews.

Either lower the price or offer something less for a smaller price. For example, you can strip down the basic version. Exclude background music, custom logos and photos. If you take all the extra services out, how much would the cost be?

Your current basic version is 15 seconds (75 words). Who is your target audience for that type of explainer video? Try to think what would they do with 15s video and adjust your description accordingly.

@uxreview How does orders affect one’s impression?

Fiverr wants to get as many sales as possible. What do you think, is it better to give higher ranking to gigs that sell or to gigs that don’t make a single sale in 4 months?

It’s not the only ranking factor, but it’s one of them. Higher ranking > more impressions.

Update :
After deleting and reposting the gig i get buyer request more frequently. And i finally got my first order through buyer request, but sadly he didn’t leave any reviews. I think i made a correct move deleting my gig.

I just completed my second order here and thankfully he leave a five star review, and this really lift my spirit.

Thank you for cheering me up and giving me tips, i hope great things happend to all of you :slight_smile:
@somaginer1996 @uxreview @mabelma @mefaheem @mywordpresspro


Congratulations after all your hard work and passion is paying back.
And while i am still in search of my first order