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Been with Fiverr two weeks Already Level 1 Seller Awsome


Hello everyone I’m chaduk, and my experience so far of Fiverr is awsome. I literally joined up just over two weeks ago now and have started seeing the sales coming in. I am creative and offer Logo/Banner services on Fiverr along with website design.

During the day I work as a carpet floor layer and most days I am home around 2-3pm, then when I’m home I dont have much really to do of a evening time so this is perfect for me to earn some extra income. it all pays the bills right? well some of them for now : )


Thank you :slight_smile:


Congrats, Chad! Some Fiverr sellers are actually making a good part time living with Fiverr and some even do it full time, but I have not been lucky yet doing it full time :wink: Hopefully I will get there.



Congrats and welcome to the forum! Good luck with your gig(s) in 2013


Thanks, things have slowed down a little on fiverr, iv noticed it comes in waves. almost hitting $200. into second month now. so look forward to seeing how things pan out for me. I would love to do this partime extra income. pays a few bills it all helps right?


hehe yeah im a Brit, doesnt seem to be many of us about on here lol. so if there was any advice you could give me what would it be. always room for improvement and all. and yeah id like to make it a partime venture. as I work at the moment.


Very well done, keep it up.

Good luck :slight_smile:



That’s awesome, congratulations


That’s fantastic! I know that feeling, it feels amazing. Out of the world, ain’t it


I would love it if this was my full time job, but like most of us on here it is just giving us a little extra cash…

Me? keeps me off the streets and out of the bars! LOL :))


loool yeah very true, well that little extra income is all i’m after not looking to spend hours of my life here. because I wouldn’t get a chance to goto bars lool

But yeah its amazing this website. Fiverr could possibley solve world hunger if you think about it.


Congrats chaduk and good luck as a seller here on fiverr. You’re right fiverr helped so many people in different ways so i wish you to spend more and more hours as a seller.


The last few days have been a little quiet on fiverr. completed all my work too lool im about 10 sales from reaching 50 sales. cant wait to reach level 2. anyone exeriencing slow sales at the moment?


I find friday and saterday my busiest. I guess it depeneds on whos online and what people are looking for at the time


Congrats :slight_smile:


i had a bad start 3 orders in 1 week


Reply to @chaduk: slow here.


congrats, and thumbs up!


Thanks alot just having trouble promoating it as I really enjoy doing it. any ideas or tips welcome :slight_smile:


Awesome good for you!!! I don’t know how but I leveled up in two days! lol! YAY me! Keep up your success! :slight_smile: