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Before asking for free work, ask yourself one question


Are we friends?

If yes, depending on how busy I am, I may be willing to assist you. Of course, if we are friends, you don’t need to go to my Fiverr profile to contact me.

Therefore, on Fiverr, the answer is always NO!

Had someone earlier send me a message with a letter asking, “Can you proofread this and return it to me?”

I sent them a custom offer. They reply immediately: “Can you do it for free?”

I reply, “I don’t work for me.”

Somehow, this is does not deter them. “Please. Just this one.”

Whatever, “Report User: Inappropriate Behavior” “I do not wish to receive messages from this user.”


Was it somebody you’d worked with before?


No! That’s the worst part.


Unfortunately, I can empathize with this :frowning: “It’s just half a page… It’ll be really quick…” “I’ll send you lots of orders if you edit this one thing for me…” “I just need help. Please… I don’t have money.”


Something similar happened to me recently:

B: I need your help.
Me: Do you need site reports?
B: Yes.
Me: [providing detailed breakdown of my services, not that they don’t have descriptions and all that…]
B: I have no money.
Me: Well, I can’t make free reports, it’s not how this platform works.
B: That’s life…


At least he wasn’t that upfront about it :stuck_out_tongue: