Before creating fiverr profile read this line


Short and important line for New Seller
There are many people working on fiverr with great skills and experience.
Then Question is that Why buyer’s choose New Seller’s
I think we should have to create uniqueness in our work which attract the buyer more and more and more…Create something different from others and you will get more and more and more and one day you will become a top Seller.,.


thanks for your advice.


Hi…bro. Thanks for your important and good suggestion.


Hey, I like your words. Thanks for share.


Yes @syedsibtyhasan1 I agree with you. Also need to follow these instructions bellow to get order

Promote your gig to social media networks.

Read the forum’s tips

Send the buyer requests

Use the correct tags and topics

Stay online with your account


Yes bro. I agree with you


That’s Correct, you elaborated the most important ingredient to make first order/sale!:slight_smile:


Thank you for good advice


All you can do is to get more 5 star reviews, like the one from your last buyer - what a coincidence with the username - uncanny! :sun_with_face:


Once more, problems in sight… :roll_eyes:

And not only that, profile pic is all around… :smirk:


Many People are worried about order If they follow this tip I guarantee They will get order…

1.Online 8 hours and refresh fiverr after every 15 minutes This will difficult but first you struggle then desire for something.
2.Always keep eyes on buyers request do try you are the first to send buyers request…
3.Think 100 times before making Gig but Once gig is created then never change because if you change the gig title what will happen your URL is not change this will be the same as your previous title your new title is different from your URL if you do not delete the gig only change title so that’s why first think then make a gig.
4.Now think there are many people working on fiverr with great skills and experience there are many people with 5 star rating and so many things they have for the attraction Now how we attract the buyer if we are New Seller We should have to create uniqueness in our self Which attract the buyer.
5.How and what kind of uniqueness we will create.
a.Do Write description professionally if you have skills you know how to describe your own things
b.Create attractive and professionally image for Gig.And complete the full portion of image.
3 images 1 video and pdf too because buyer wants to know how you passionate in your profession.
Video is the best way…
6.Once you made a stunning gig never delete and always share on social media and with your friends and do minimum till 2 months…
7.And the last point is very important for us Keep pushing yourself on the struggling track and never give up soon…If you follow these steps you will get order very quickly


Really admirable post; Especially for the new seller in fiverr.
Thanx @syedsibtyhasan1