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Before I create my first gig

Hi, my name is Tudor and I’m from Romania. I worked as a Brand Designer for the past 3 and a half years, but as a freelancer (two companies took the jobs and passed them to me). I decided to go for it and try as a freelancer on Fiverr as well.
I believe the most suitable gig for my knowledge would be Logo Design, even if the market seems to be oversaturated here.
What I did:
I passed some of the tests on Fiverr to prove I’m not some newbie (Photoshop, Illustrator + Basic English and English Language)
I created my profile as sincere as I could.
I created a Behance account and posted some of my work there (also linked Fiverr to it)
And I browsed some of the most successful gigs to see what they did and what else I can bring to the table.

What I was looking for:
Some information about the starting prices for a newcomer - I usually charge more than most of the successful gigs here, but I am aware this is different and I will probably need to work almost for free to get some reviews. When would be a decent time to raise the prices and by how much?

Some information about the client samples. I usually give the client the jpg, png, eps/ai (or both), some stationery products (mockups) and probably a short animation as a bonus for some of the clients. Do we watermark the samples we send, Fiverr does it automatically?

I consider myself a Pro, but I don’t know much about the Pro status on Fiverr, so what does Pro Verified means on Fiverr? Who verifies the Pros and how can I get verified? Do I have to be level 1, 2, 3, etc?

I did not create a Gig yet, because I want to make sure I understand everything before I create my offer.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi - welcome

General don’ts: never do work without an order; no samples; avoid offering unlimited revisions.

Fiverr puts a watermark on deliveries until the order is accepted by the buyer or auto completes. Don’t send anything unwatermarket through messaging.

If you feel you must start at $5, make sure your gig won’t take you more than 15-20 minutes. If you’re as practiced as you imply, that shouldn’t be hard. Don’t work for less than minimum wage.

Bear in mind, as a newbie, scammy buyers may try to take advantage. Don’t let them. Read the Terms of Service carfully. You can find them here:

And this article will help you understand about pro sellers:


Thank you for your response, this was great advice :slight_smile:

It will take me more than 15-20 minutes, because I don’t use templates, I draw them on my tablet (or on paper and scan them). The only reason I must start at $5 is probably the algorithm. I just have to think of a way for those revisions, because I want them to be satisfied with the logo, but not waste 24 hours on a $5 logo :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again!

Yes you can start with $5 but for the basic price. For that you need add standard and premium plan to make value for your work.

I am planning NOT to add standard and premium features. I can’t just not give the people mockups or the ai file, the transparent png and just send them a jpg :slight_smile: Maybe 1 year from now they want to modify something in the logo and they need to have the ai file or eps file. I will try to give all the “premium” features as standard. My standard will be premium :slight_smile: (I know, this means less money down the line, but also happy customers)

Professional buyer looks at the $5 gig as less value.

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Well, their loss :slight_smile: