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Before my gig was first page but now my gig last page

My account was disabled last two months ago mistake by fiverr. before my gig was on the first page with all the keywords. Now, after getting my account back, Gig went to the last page.How can I get back to the first page?


Fiverr does not disable accounts “by mistake”. What was the reason Fiverr gave you when they sent you your message stating that you account was being disabled?

I’m glad you were able to get your account back, but that doesn’t mean you get to resume right where you left off. The search results are performance based, and for the last two months, your gig was not performing. Now that you’re back, deliver orders on time, earn positive reviews, keep all your metrics up, and you might slowly rise back to the top of the search results.

You have to earn that top spot. It isn’t given for free just because a seller wants it.


Brother I have complete 10 order and i get 5 star review but still i seeing no change

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I think you were demoted for violating Community guidelines, don’t worry work hard, will get well soon :blush:
and BTW there is no logi of getting back from where you left after account disabled :thinking:

First of all, I am not your brother. We are not related.

Second, it does not matter how many orders or all-time 5-star reviews you have. Your gigs are performance-based according to the stats of the past 60 days. Sixty days is two months. Therefore, if your gig was deactivated two months ago, you have not been generating any performance in the last two months, and likely have to start at the bottom again.

Build up the performance of your gig, and it might rise in the search results. Fiverr is not going to return you to where you were, just because you want to be there. That would go against the very performance-based structure that Fiverr operates on.


Hello. So how is it going now? Did your gig return to the normal work?

I hope you are find. I am very disappointment because my gig was gone from the first page to the last page 2 months 10 days ago, I was disappointed because my gig has not come from the previous place yet I have completed more than 50 jobs. Still not seeing any changes gig placement Can you help me?

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You’re level two. You’re clearly getting orders. Why are you upset about a gig placement? Which gig are you upset about?

i am facing the same problem if you know how to fix it please do let me know

Right now i am oky :grinning:

Can you please share your experience how you fix it because i am facing the same problem

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How did you managed to overcome your issues? Can you please share?

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Yeah Jon is right. You weren’t generating any money for the site for two whole months. Why would they rank a gig that isn’t making money when there’s hundreds of other seller who have brought in thousands in the time you were away.

It’s sad that you lost your account by mistake, as if this was the case, it wasn’t your fault and that sucks. But fiverr is only here to make money, they don’t care about your circumstances :frowning:

I feel bad for you but all you can do is keep working on satisfying the few clients you do have and hope fiverr sees your gig as high value again.

If it’s any consolation, all my gigs got shoved to the back of search a few months ago but now they are ranking high again.


Fun fact, you can’t use @ to mention a user who is suspended.

How much time it took to rank bank again?

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like a month but many sellers have seen a permenant loss of ranking, so you never know.