Before posting complaints about lack of sales, make sure you have these grounds covered first


I see the same thing over and over again. New sellers, just days or weeks old, posting complaints about ‘how to get sales’, ‘why no one order my gig’, 'how come no sell?, my work is great’

Yet…I see the same thing when I go to their profile to check out what they have going on. No videos, using google images, no thorough descriptions, no WOW!!

I’ll give you a few things to work on to improve your gigs for better results…but, you also have to be persistent and determined because there are no overnight success stories here on Fiver, we ALL work hard and it will take time.

  1. Add a video. If not all, at least the gig you would like to perform the MOST.

  2. Add to your profile. Use all of your characters. It helps in search and you only have one chance to make a first impression, especially when they are going to spend their money on you.

  3. Add to your Gig Descriptions. Same as #2, Use all of your characters and the features in the text editor. It will help your search results and also adds more flare to your gig giving it some visual appeal instead of looking so generic.

  4. Use all of your Photo options. You get to upload 3 photos for each gig, why not do it!?

    You can’t just slap up your gigs and expect to get sales funneling in immediately. Check out the Fiverr Academy as well, it has a ton of useful tips/strategies.

    Good luck!

    DTong (TRS)


Perfect tips! Thanks!