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Before proper conversation buyer placed order

Why buyer’s do such a stupid things…It harms seller in many reasons

  1. Seller may not be able to deliver product in time
  2. Seller may not have that experience of that particular work/task
  3. Seller need to cancel order mutually (8 out of 10)…It increases the percentage of order cancellation of a seller
  4. Buyer also lose some of their valuable time if sellers cancel the order then buyer have to find some other person to give that task…He never get a good result if he do it again…so please stop doing this…First contact in inbox then give order
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I agree that messaging beforehand is a great way to make sure nobody’s time is wasted. I love when buyers ask how to buy and if I am able to produce what they need. That way I am not blindsided and know exactly what the buyer expects from me.

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